My Story

"Una, Zeke, it's time to get up!" Vivian has our mother for about nine to ten years now. After my mom died when I was two my dad waited until I was about six and started school that he would marry again. I was so young when my mom died that I could barely remember her face and her voice. The only thing I have to go on is old family pictures and a locket that I was given after she died. It was an oval shaped locket with her picture in it and on the back there is an inscription that read, "Ôtjē ymwō ræthgudt hitpwä llätsu eovlzh- Mômwō," which means, "To my daughter with all my love- Mom." There are times in my dreams where I can see her smile, feel her touch, hear her voice, and smell her scent...

"Una, Zeke, you're going to be late!" But for now we have old fashioned Vivian. I'm not saying she's bad or anything, it's just that she's too traditional. She stood at about 5'10"-ish or so with long brown chestnut hair. Her face was long; she had a broad nose, thin lips, fair coloured skin, and long yet wide dull gray eyes. Her hair was either curly or wavy or in an up do with a dark purple pinch clip. She always wore these long thin sundresses that were bright in colour and gave me headaches. Her make-up was light, just the usual foundation, cover up, and some pink lipstick. She always acted like one of those mothers you see on t.v., all perfect and everything, being the regular housewife that took care of while you were at work or school.

Also the thing about her was that she was raised in a Christian family. I'm not saying that Christian people are bad or anything but I was raised in what my mom I believe called Niäccwpä. It's a religion where you celebrate the eight Sabbaths and praise her Lady and his Lord. I was told my mom was from Gypsy descent so that's where I got it from. My dad told all about how she was into her faith and everything and I wanted to follow in her footsteps that I taught myself some of the things that she knew with some help from my dad. Vivian didn't really approve of this, she wanted us to go to church on Sundays and everything, but I refuse to go. Every since I was young I would persuade my dad not to let me go and her would agree with me. You can say I was a daddy's girl. She always acted as if she was okay with it for my dad's sake but I knew in her heart that she thought otherwise. I tried to get my twin brother into it, but he didn't want to do it because of the fact that it would remind him of mom and everything and he didn't take her death well as I did in a way. I was sad yes, but I felt like the only way that I could be close to her was to basically try to become the daughter she would have wanted me to be and to follow in her footsteps.

"Come on Una, let's get up," Everyone says twins are suppose to act alike as well as dress alike in every way, but that is the total opposite for my brother and I. We dressed and acted as if we were two complete different people. My dad thought that we needed individuality and Vivian thought it would be cute if we dressed alike.

"Ire mätsu gēnittengä púmō." Sometimes I talk in our native language to try and piss off my brother and also try to persuade him into our heritage, but lately it hasn't been working. He knows the language; he just doesn't use it as much as I do.

"Come on Una don't do this to me in the morning please."

"Tlhgiatsu. Oh sorry." I wasn't and I knew her knew.


I walked downstairs with my hair up in a messy bun and wearing my favorite navy blue bathrobe and wearing these golden coloured slippers that use to belong to my mother. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I was about to turn to the kitchen when I saw my brother out of the corner of my eyes leaning against the wall of our living room looking out of the window that took up about most of the wall.

"What are you looking at?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh, umm I had this weird feeling when I came down here, so I went to look out the window and I thought I saw this guy out in the middle of the street over there but then when like a car passed by he just disappeared. I don't know, maybe I'm going crazy or something. Whatever, I'm to the kitchen."

Zeke then leaned back up and walked pass me to the kitchen, but as he passed me something unusual happened. Right when he got next to me I felt a sense of loneliness, like I was alone in the world and no one cared about me. I just wanted to die right there, but then when he left my side I was back to normal. No strange feelings or anything like that. I looked back to him and then to the window. I decided to go up to window and try to find what he was looking at. I looked to the street and yet saw nothing but an empty street corner. I sighed and headed back to the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen I saw Vivian there with my brother sitting there eating his plate full of eggs, toast, and bacon.

"Come and eat Una dear before it gets cold."

Vivan put down a glass of orange juice next to my plate and pulled the chair back for me to sit in. I walked slowly to the chair and sat down with that weird feeling still in my mind. I then looked across the table to my brother and watched him as he ate. I then started to wonder why we are ever in this world. What is our purpose in life and why I was in this body and not something else? Why this body with this mind? What does it feel like to die? What will happen to me when I die? All of these questions ran through my head I just stared off into space.

"Una? Earth to Una? Is something wrong? Why are you staring at me like that? Una?"

"Huh? What? Oh sorry Zeke I was just thinking about something that's all."

"Well whatever it is, do it while you eat so we can head for school and not be late."

"Okay." I reached for my fork and started to eat my breakfast yet I was still thinking about all of those questions and pondering that forever bothersome question why?