Wishing Upon A Star
As I look upon the great, blue sky,
I see the stars dancing, smiling down at me-
why do they seem to laugh at me?
Then I see stars burning bright,
they must be my dreams.
Dreams so full of hope and light,
dreams that I've been wishing for
upon a starry night.
But at that moment I notice one star
separate from the rest, it's shimmer gone
barely noticeable compared to the others.
Which wish could it be?
Must be the one that lack hope-
I should know by now that wishing for
him won't work, love just isn't cut
out for me.
Nevertheless, I wish upon that star
to bring me closer to
my one true love.
With that I close the window
from that world and return to mine.
Hoping that it'll burn brighter than the rest,
waiting to see what the future holds for me.