To the Ends of the Earth
In a world so full of hatred,
I find it so hard
to find someone to confide in,
someone I can care and love for.
As I walk around in the cold rain,
wallowing in my misery,
I look up and see a guy staring
in my direction,
just right across the crowd.
He comes to me and asks,
"What's the matter? A girl
like you shouldn't be with a
face like that."
Breathless by this mysterious stranger,
I begin to look around, wondering
if in fact he's addressing me.
"Yes, I'm talking to you milady-
now, would you like to take a walk
in the park with me?"
A slight nod is given and
off we went to Central Park.
As I gaze into his eyes, I realize I'm
completely lost in his trance.
It seems he's won over me,
I fell into his spider webs,
unable to free myself.
I'd go anywhere with him
To the ends of the Earth
I'd follow him.
Perhaps I shouldn't give so much
confidence to this unfamiliar person.
But I can't be helped,
I've fallen so deep.
I hope he catches me before
it's too late.
I'd travel as far as to the icy
atmosphere of Antarctica or the suffocating
jungles of the Amazons, just to be with him.
But wait- this isn't right
I hardly know the gentleman,
I don't even know his name!
Why am I so willing to go anywhere
just to be in his company?
What is this sentiment that's growing inside,
it's unknown to me.
Oh, this must be what love feels like.
I guess it just hits you when
you least expect it.
Perhaps I should be careful.
but this I know for certain-
I'll follow him to the ends of the Earth,
just to belong in his life,
just to have someone to love.