In a turbulence of power,
They got lost.
In a turbulence of strength,
They were found.

By whom?
They sought for the answer.
By them?
They did not know.

Tempted to find their answer,
They seek for help.

Their tortured souls wander.
Wander for how long...?
They did not know,
All they knew was that they still needed to search.

The breeze passes,
They do not feel.
They cannot feel.

Tap, tap, tap.
The branches knock on the window sill,
They cannot hear.
For they fear,
Fear for the one who beckons.

Beckons for what?
We wonder.
We do not know,
Only they seem to be fit for the answer.

But still,
One question lies,
Lies unanswered.

When they were lost,
Who saved them?
We do not know,
They do not know.

All we know is that they still search.
Search for the unknown.
The unknown
Which is some how known by the one who beckons...?
For they are still not sure.

Tap, tap, tap.
They cannot hear,
For they fear,
Fear for the one who beckons.