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"Your highness? Your highness... Is his majesty in here?" one of the many servants walked through the prince's vast quarters, in search of him. "Your highness' father, his Royal Majesty, King Robert VI requires your presence expediently," the servant told the empty room why the prince was needed, as though that would bring him to the room. "Your majesty, please make yourself known!" (Or they'll have my ass) she muttered in and undertone.

She heard a door click almost silently shut, and she spun around. "Your majesty!" she called. She heard him sigh, and watched him turn around.

"What is it?" The tone he used was very reluctant, and she knew she caught him as he was sneaking out.

"Your father, the king, requires your majesty's presence immediately, in the west wing corridor." The servant made special care to speak formally. One wrong move could cost her, her life.

"That will be all." The prince turned away, clearly dismissing her. She obliged, curtsying as she left and saying "yes your majesty" humbly.


"Ah, my son. You finally decide to join us. The servant must have been slow. A good beating should get her moving, don't you think?" the king regarded the prince, as though waiting for him to say something. Instead, the prince shrugged, and looked around.

"Now dear, I don't think that that will solve the problem. Our son just seems to have a natural lack of punctuality. I know just how to solve the problem!" the queen turned her gaze form her husband to her son. "We will get you a personal maid. She can clean up for you and run your personal errands."

"Mother, I really must object-"

"Don't waist your time, I have made up my mind." The queen cut him off smoothly. She watched him roll his eyes, and chose to ignore it. "Now, on to why we called you here."

"We will be having visitors. The princess' Roxanne and Renee, from The Kingdom of the Toadstools. It's just to the right of our boarder. They are good looking girls, form what I have heard. You will enjoy their company, eh, eh?" the king nudged his son, trying to get him to see his point. The prince just nodded, and made his way out.

"Well, he took that better than I thought," said the king, thoughtfully rubbing his beard.

"That's because you didn't tell him the you plan for him to marry one of them." The queen affectively burst his little, happy bubble.

"Must you burst my bubble all the time?" asked the king, pouting.

"Yes, now suck it up. We will have visitors in two days, and everything needs to be planned, and cleaned."


...Mean while, out in the City, a right embarrassing scene was taking place in one particular house...

"Don't even start with me young lady."

"But mama-"

"Don't 'but mama' me. You're going and that's final." A stalky woman in her mid forties was shouting at her daughter who shouted right back. The reason? The daughter, Brooke, didn't want to do what her mother wanted. Now normally, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but this is an exception.

"Don't you want to work in the castle? You could see the royal family up close! Think of your future! And the money," she added thoughtfully.

"Mama, I don't want to go serve some rotten old prince," Brooke whined, which is unacceptable, as that she was 18.

"Anyone else would bend over backwards to have this job. No more discussions. Now go pack."



Brooke trudged to her room to pack. She shoved her 3 spare dresses and 4 aprons into a bag. She put in some underclothes, some stockings, and some toiletries. She kissed her mother good night and went to bed. She dreamt of a handsome prince dancing with her, twirling her around and asking to marry her. She smiled in her dream, and was about to accept when her mother made her get up to go to the castle. She kissed her mother goodbye this time, and then left.


"Welcome my dear, to the palace. I'll show you your way to his highness' quarters. Breakfast is at 7:00 AM sharp. Lunch is at noon, and dinner is at 7:00 PM sharp. Here we are. Just clean, organize, take his orders, and do whatever you see fit. I'll see you in an hour to pick up his breakfast, or let him know it is time to dine, which ever he prefers. It is also your duty to wake him up I'll show you where you sleep real quickly. Okay, the cleaning tools are in the room off of yours. Good luck!"

Brooke stood overwhelmed. The maid who had told her all that (very quickly I might add) and left just as quickly as she had spoken. Brooke looked around her room and decided it was too plain. (I'll just have to spruce it up) It had a bed, a wardrobe, an oil lamp, and a window. That's about it. She put her clothing into the wardrobe and grabbed some cleaning supplies. She wandered around for a bit, trying to decide where to start. The main room, holding some very nice cushions, was littered with trash, dirty clothes, and leftovers from past meals.

Just about every room was like that. She came to another room and opened the door. It was a beautiful room. Everything was ornately carved, decorated with sapphires and obsidian. The curtains and draped were dark blue and black also.

She crossed the room to open the curtained off section and tripped over a pile of dirty clothes. She fell through the curtains, flat on her face.

"Ow, damn it," she squealed as she went down. She got back up, brushed her self off, and looked up, only to meet the eyes of the prince. "Shit," she gasped, her eyes getting wide. She quickly curtsied. "Sorry, your highness," she apologized quickly. She waited for his reply, but he just stared, and then blinked.

"And you are?" the prince stood up, grabbing a robe, and closing it over his six-pack and chiseled features.

"Brooke Oday, your highness." She curtsied again. "I'm your new personal maid."

"Oh." The prince immediately lost interest. She was just another mindless maid. Their intelligence level never exceed sayings such as 'yes, your highness, no your majesty,' and he sighed. He knew it was because parents were majorly strict. They had the whole call-me-by-my-title-or-off-with-your-head thing going on. He started to walk away.

"Um, your highness?" he stopped as a tiny voice called out to him. He turned around and raised his eyebrow. "Where might I relieve myself?" Brooke blushed as she asked the question, and the prince hid a smile. He pointed her in the direction and left.


Brooke rushed up the many flights of stairs, and though her life depended on it. It was her third day working in the castle, and the day the princess' arrive. If she didn't hurry, the prince would miss breakfast. She shuddered at the prospect. She got to the next flight of stairs and took them two at a time. She made it to the landing, and just before she started up the next flight, she slammed into someone.

"Shit! Watch where you're going." She cried, as she hit the floor.

"You have quite a mouth," said a masculine voice from above her. She looked up.

"God damnit, what's next?" She grumbled, sighed, and stood up, curtsying at the same time. "I apologize most profusely, your highness," she said, trying to smile.

"You should," he said, as thought he was the top of the world (which he is).

"Well, you should still watch where you're going!" Brooke snapped at him before she even thought about it. The prince just looked shocked, and then grinned.

"What are you smiling about, big stuff?" she asked irritably. The prince just shook his head. "You're the first maid who over talked back to me."

Brooke looked mad, and then the color drained out of her face. "Oh my goddess!" she gasped. The prince just laughed.

"Quit laughing! Its not funny, *your highness*." Brooke stopped and clamped her mouth shut. The prince just laughed harder.

"What's you're name, anyway?" she asked warily.

"Nicholas," he answered.

"Well, Nick, if you don't get to lunch, I will lose my position, so hustle."

"Oops!" he dashed away, and Brooke shook her head, moving back to his rooms. She cleaned up a bit, but was distracted. She looked out the window to see carriages pulling up and two girls getting out. (Let the hell begin) she thought. (And stop talking back to royalty. Or else!). She looked back at the spray bottle she had for cleaning.

"Looks like it's just you and me, honeybunch," she muttered to it, and made her way to clean.


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