We're more like than I first thought.
I don't know if you ever realized,
And it took me this long to see.
I wonder if that's not
What drew me to you in the first place.

As vague as the rest of my memories are,
I recall that time clearly.
A thought recalls your touch,
I close my eyes and see you here.

These are not things I would say out loud.
Speaking them would cheapen them,
And this way they'll stay forever,
In the silence and the twilight
Of my mind and wistful dreams.

The anger is faded, to where
I don't recall it's form or shape,
And though I don't quite know why,
It feels right, each and every time.

So I told you I'd write a poem about you.
But you see, I can't write it about you
Without it being about us.
In our world full of "might have beens"
My feelings are still quite clear.

I just wish you would have seen it then.