The scar on my hand
It's not bleeding anymore
But it makes my heart bleed
Bringing memories of you
That rush like wildfire
And leave me trembling
On my knees in their wake

I remember your hand,
In my hand when it wasn't scarred
And your heart
In my heart before it was barred
Kisses tickled my last defense
I can't remember a time
When I did not lick the blood away

I wait for the rain
So you can hold me down
And make me drown
It shouldn't be a challenge
You've done it once before
But then again you always let me
Come up for air before I died

Kiss me one last time,
'Cause your kisses are like rain
I'll burn when we touch,
But the burn and the scar
Are reminders of who I am
When I bled my heart out for you,
And cut myself to hide the pain.