Angela's POV

My name is Angela Hans, and I'm seventeen this year. All my whole life, I've always been the quiet and shy girl in other people's eyes. Because of this, my classmates don't pay me much attention, and although I'm not popular, I'm not an outcast either.

I have my friends to go through my good and bad times with me, but I always felt as if a part of me has not yet been fulfilled. All through middle school to high school, I have never been in love before. Can you believe it? I mean, it's perfectly reasonable if I look ugly, but I do not. In fact, many of my friends tell me that I have beautiful cheekbones and eyes. They said I was pretty, but somehow, I never manage to snag this guy or that guy. I watch my friends change boyfriends as fast as they change their clothes ( well, not all, actually ), and here I was, pining for a love that was never to come.

I thought I was going to stay this way all my life. Everything changes when I visit an aunt down south during one summer.

'Oh Angel, I haven't seen you since you were five! How nice of you to visit me.' Candy exclaimed. She doesn't like me to call her Auntie Candy. She says it makes her sound old. She's forty-plus, and in my opinion, she's old, haha. I wouldn't have come, but my mum forced me to, because Candy sent me many presents during the last few years, and I should say thank you to her personally. Oh well.

Candy looked me over with a reproachful eye. 'What have you done to yourself, dear? Women of your age should look attractive!' She scolded.

I give her a polite smile, although inside, I was actually snarling at her remarks. I don't really like her. She makes a big deal out of the smallest things, especially when it comes to looks. What's wrong with the way I look? I thought, irritated.

'Come!' She said. 'We need to get you a new look!' Before I could protest, Candy yanked me to the nearest hair salon. She was surprisedly strong for a woman her age. Much as I tried to get free, I couldn't. In fact, her hand gripped me harder everytime I resisted. Finally, I gave up. If this was the way it is, then I wouldn't want to risk losing my hand. Besides, if Candy was paying for my make-over, I'm totally fine with it.

Four hours later, my once wavy hair has been rebonded. Previously, my hair hung just a few inches under my shoulder. Now, it reaches to my waist. At first, I didn't like what I was seeing. My hair was just too flat.

'Great!' Candy clasped her hands together, beaming down at me. 'Let's go to the next stop!'

What!? There's more? My heart sank. But even a tornado could not stop Candy now. She was just too hyper at this moment.

Candy bought me to a beauty salon. There, I had my eyebrows plucked and a facial was done. But what really hurt is the bikini wax! I never had one before, and it was definitely an eye-opener for me.

'Candy,' I sighed, 'Can we go back now? I'm really tired.'

'Just two more stops Angel.' Candy replied brightly. 'We just need to get you contacts and new clothes.' She wrinkled her nose distastefully. 'Those spectacles and clothes of yours must definitely go.'

I rolled my eyes slightly. By now, you should know that Candy is a vainpot. It amazes me how she could still be so ditzy at this age. I looked down at my T-shirt and jeans. Excuse me, these are proper clothes. I thought scornfully.

'It's about time for dinner, Candy. Why don't we get the clothes tomorrow instead?' I bargained, putting on a fake smile.

'Oops, just look at me. I got so caught up in this that I forgot the time! All right, we'll get the clothes tomorrow, but we're getting your contacts done today.' She giggled.

God. 'Whatever.' I mumbled.

For a moment, I felt bad. Candy must have spent a lot on me today. And what about tomorrow? But then, I brushed it off. Candy was a rich woman. She could spend thousands in one day without batting an eyelid.

The woman behind the counter introduced herself as Delia, and after Candy told her about my situation, she bought out a pair of disposable contact lens.

'Angela, I'm going to teach you how to put in and how to take out your contacts.' Delia explained. 'The contacts I'm holding now does not hold any degrees, but it doesn't matter because your eyesight is not too deep, therefore you can still see without wearing your spectacles.I want you to watch me and listen carefully to my instructions.'

I nodded my head in reply and waited in apprehension. Delia parted my eye as she spouted out instructions, her finger looming closer until I felt a wet and cool feeling within my hazel orbs. I blinked and watched as Delia did the same thing to my other eye. Then she took out the contacts for me. She explained a few more things and told me to try putting in the contacts myself.

After I learned how to put in my own contacts, I looked at the mirror and found myself thinking, Wow, what a difference a new hairstyle and a pair of contact lens makes. I look absolutely gorgeous. I didn't know if I was paying myself too high a compliment, but that's really what I think. My hazel eyes seem even more lively now.

'See, honey? Now that's what I called attractive.' Candy commented. 'We'll do something about your clothes tomorrow, and then you'll be a real beauty.'

I opened my mouth to reply, but Delia called Candy over to fill in some form. So I slumped in my seat and listened to them.

'So, I'll call you when Angela's contacts are ready.' Delia said.

'Of course! I'll be waiting for your call.' Candy replied excitedly.

Suddenly, I felt overwhelmed. I had a feeling that this was the turning point of my life, and for once, I'm grateful to Candy. I wondered what my family and friends would think when I got back home. Most importantly, what will the whole school think of the new Angela Hans?

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