For my two best enemies, Niki and Zen.

You push and shove in word and deed
A shadow round me draws
I find myself in place unknown
Behind a high locked door

You say that this is where I stay
You say this is my place
You never tell me why this is
Nor look me in the face.

The symbol on the thick barred door
Is there of all to see
For all except the one inside
Who happens to be me.

I do not know what's written there
Nor do I know why
It makes you all just walk away
It makes me want to die

I sit in corner of barred room
There's really no way out
Someone always must be here
That's true beyond a doubt.

The walls are closing in on me
The tide comes rushing in
It's clear that it's not possible
That I can ever win.

I always though you'd keep it safe
I thought you'd keep it hidden
I'll never trust a friend again
You told it all, unbidden.

By Elbereth141