Left Alone

For my two best enemies, Nik and Zen

Why does world keep rolling by
Like nothing ever changed?
I weep, I cry, I wish to die
I give myself the blame.

What made the sudden change occur
I think I'll never know
What made you ever say such things
Such dreadful seeds to sow?

The hallways stretch on endlessly
As empty as my life
And girls at lockers glance away
And make up cause for strife

You'll never tell me what they say
These dreadful tales of woe
I only know it's your dark thoughts
That spread and made it grow

The days of bliss have come and gone
Now come the days of dread
For you fell lower in the test
Those awful things you said

I'll never tell your secrets though
As much as you spread mine
Lest I fall drunk on gossip as
On sweet and poisoned wine.

By Elbereth141