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Chapter 1: Just Another Manic Monday

"Benjamin Grey, don't you dare touch that porcelain vase your mother specifically told you to stay away from!"

Welcome to the wonderful world of babysitting.

And to your left, we have a now shattered glass vase splattered carelessly on the marble look-a-like tiled floor.

Nice, huh?

Sense the sarcasm?

Oh it's there.

Try looking at my middle finger for some inspiration

Still funny?

I thought not.

Cecilia mournfully bends over the glass mess, just as Benjamin runs off down the hall, cackling to himself. Before she even tries to pick up the irreversible mess, she splinters her knee with a tiny shard.

"God dammit!" she helplessly shouts.

"God dammit!" the blonde five year old mimics.

"Shit," Cecilia mutters.

Benjamin giggles as Cecilia tightly closes her eyes and waits a moment to recuperate.

"Benj? I'm gonna need you to do me a favor."

"Maaayyybee," he taunts as he slightly shakes his hips.

If there wasn't a mess of glass or a shitty piece of it stuck in her knee, or the shear fact that Benjamin is a total pain the ass, she would have thought that this little gesture was cute.

But no.

Cecilia sighs and says, "Please go into the closet and pull out a dust pan and get me a damp napkin."

He stands there as if it were some badge of honor for him to have caused this mess.

Tiredly, Cecilia wins him over with a, "I'll give you a cookie."

And just like that, little Benjamin does exactly as he's told and then abandons her for the bag of cookies in the pantry he's not exactly supposed to be able to find. After two sweeps, Cecilia looks up at him and scowls.

"Benjamin! I said one cookie, not the whole box!"

It probably wasn't even a full box when he started eating them, but that's not the point! He disobeyed her order, regardless if there were only a few measly cookies left!


Benjamin tosses the cookie bag on the floor, spilling crumbs- might I add- and trots over to the living room; right smack dab in the middle of the overly massive flat screen TV.

"I'll take him from here," says Mrs. Grey, as she coolly steps into the upper-class modern apartment. "Thanks for you help, Cecilia, we'll see you later!"

"No, thank you!" she says as she grasps the white envelope that contains her paycheck for the job she will never pursue, ever again.

So here's the big picture:

Cecilia is fresh out of college. She's a well rounded-came-from-a-good-home-and-family-went-to-a-fabulous-college-graduated-with-honors-and-does-odd-jobs-at-times.

HAHA! That's too funny!

Fresh out of college: check.

Well rounded: absolutely not.

Came from a good home/family: HAHA! Answer's are not necessary.

Went to a fabulous college: ummm…checklist ends here.

It's not that she didn't go to a good college; it was just the fact that it wasn't what she'd expected. It was hard and lonely and really frustrating at times- oh but that was only while she was trying to make friends.

Graduated with honors: honors, what honors? Is passing with a C in your Russian Economics class an honor? Or is the fact that you took Russian Economics in the first place, an honor. Just the idea that she took the class, is fascinating. What would she need Russian Economics for? She was going to be a writer. Well, it was just a side deal so don't get all persnickety.

Cecilia is the kind of girl who's merely looking for someone to come home to from those tough days at work. That someone to hold hands with when you go for a walk in the park. Someone who fights with you over the T.V. or the bathroom. Someone who can laugh at your weird quirks- and you'd be okay with it too.

But who was she kidding. Someone like that? In New York?

Well, there are a lot of people in that state…why not?

Okay so it was a little picture, and the picture looks like it's been done by a 4 year old, but who the hell cares?!

That's Cecilia's painted picture.

"Nat?" calls Cecilia as she walks into her shared apartment. "Natalie? You home?"

"I would…appreciate it…if you didn't…shout so…fucking…loud!…the neighbors…will haul our sorry asses into jail…for disturbing…the peace!" said Natalie as she walked like a zombie out of the bathroom, trying to keep the 2 removable cucumbers on top of her eyes.

"Nat, stop being such a dumb ass," Cecilia snappily replied as she yanked the cucumbers of Nat's eyes.

"How rude! Who pissed in your coffee today?" Natalie playfully shouted as she brought her melon green face up to meet Cecilia's.

"Little Benjamin," mocked Cecilia.

"Ew! Really?"

"No!" Cecelia disgustedly replied.

Natalie nodded and bounded towards the couch.

"So how was your day?" Natalie asked.

Cecilia gave her a pointed look.

"Enough said!" Natalie cheerily responded. "You need one of these," she said as she passed the blender bottle to Cecilia who joined her on the couch.

Cecilia sighed and said, "Ah…Oh many a glorious nights with you," of course she was talking to the drink…

Natalie happily nodded and slid over a glass. Cecilia poured herself a glass of the Blue Hawaii. Sighing contently, Cecilia took a sip of the drink and sunk deep into the couch's cushions.

"God, you so need a man," said Natalie.

Cecilia grabbed a pillow and said, "You so need to shut up," and hit Nat over the head.

"Cec, my mask!" whined Nat.

"Cec, my mask!" copied Cecilia. "Ah! Creepy déjà vu!"

Nat tilted her head to the side.

[[Back in the 80's]]

The Bangle's Just Another Manic Monday plays in the background.

"So I told him to gag me with a spoon!" cried Carly, Cecilia's sister.

Cecilia was standing in front Carly's bathroom mirror with unauthorized permission, listening intently to her sister's conversation.

"Yeah, and he said I was so faux!" laughing was heard on the other line. "Oh my gosh! My loser sister thinks she's just like me! Isn't that sad? She takes my clothes and shoes and does everything I do!"

Cecilia was so infuriated so she stormed out of Carly's bathroom and on the way out the door Cecilia threw Pinky, Carly's favorite stuffed pig, at her and said, "Hey Carly, gag me with a spoon!"

"Cec! My mask! You dweeb!" shouted Carly. "Mooooooom," she cried as Cecilia slammed her door.

Cecilia shivered as she was brought back out of her reverie.

"Do I wanna know?" asked Nat.

Cecilia shook her head and said, "Hell no."

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