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Chapter 4: Bad Ju Ju

"Sissy," Tyler whispered in her ear.

Cecilia groaned and rubbed her head.

"Sissy," he tried again.

Cecilia sighed and slurred out, "Ty? Let Sissy sleep, she's very tired."

"But Sissy," he squeaked, "It's time to go home."

She cracked open an eye and smiled. Tyler crawled out of her lap and stretched. He reached a hand out to her and yawned.

She got up without using his hand and picked him up. His tiny arms wrapped themselves around her neck as his tiny legs wrapped themselves around her waist. Tyler buried his tired face in the little nook between her shoulder and her cheek. She rubbed his back soothingly as she trotted over to where his father looked trapped by a fairly large woman. The second Dave had spotted Cecilia and Tyler; he shot her a 'help me' look.

"Hey Dave," Cecilia spoke as she interrupted the woman.

"Oh hey guys, ready to go?" he asked.

Cecilia nodded and looked down at Tyler who was almost asleep. Dave nodded and said his goodbyes to everyone left at the picnic.

"Thanks for the save," Dave said as they moved to his car.

Cecilia smiled and shook her head, "No problem, you looked like you needed saving."

"Oh you have no idea."

Dave paused to smile at her and for about 2 minutes, all they did was stare at each other; which was weird because 2 minutes can seem like an eternity.

"Do you…need a ride?" he asked her.

She glanced at her watch, then at the sinking sun, "Um, sure. If it's not a problem."

Dave shook his head. "No problem at all." Cecilia smiled and strapped Tyler in the back seat, then moved to the front. The car ride was quiet, save for Tyler's soft breathing. Cecilia almost fell asleep. Her head rested against the cool glass of the window. Dave briefly glanced over at her and smiled.


She sighed and smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know."

He chuckled and turned a corner, only to be beaten by the red light, causing him to slow to a stop. As he did so, Cecilia glanced at him.

"Tough day?"

Dave smirked and said, "Wouldn't you like to know." And with that, he started the car forward as the green light emerged.

A quick silence had entered, when Cecilia remembered a question she first had when she had met Dave: his age. She looked over at him again, only to feel discouraged and so she looked back out her window.

"What?" asked Dave as he'd noticed her quick look-away.

She slowly looked over at him again and paused, shook her head silently, and looked back out her window.

"What?" he asked again, chuckling this time.

She half smiled and opened her mouth, but was cut off by a long chain of sneezes from Tyler in the back seat.

Cecilia sighed as Dave pulled over. He got out of his seat and opened the back. Cecilia turned in her seat and frowned as Tyler rubbed his nose with his Spiderman shirt.

"I knew it," Cecilia muttered, "I knew that little girl he talked to had some bad ju ju."

Dave turned to look at her and laughed, "Bad ju ju?"

"Yes," she hissed.

He shook his head and said, "How did this happen?"

Cecilia shrugged and said, "Kids catch everything, it's perfectly normal."

He sighed and ran a hand through his dirty blonde locks. Dave placed his hand on Tyler's shoulder as Tyler sneezed again.

"You okay, buddy?" Dave asked him.

Tyler shook his head and leaned back on the seat. Dave sighed again and rubbed Tyler's head. Cecilia smiled a weak smile at Dave as he retreated back to his seat and started the car.

"He'll be fine," she said encouragingly as she rubbed his arm, "I promise." He glanced over to her and half smiled.

As he got to a stoplight again, she turned to face him and said, "Go to your house."

He furrowed his eyebrows and glimpsed at her. "What? Why?"

She smiled and said, "So we can get him some medicine," as she gestured to Tyler who was having a hard time sitting and kept moving around in place. Cecilia turned in her seat to help Tyler, who was now leaning against the seatbelt that was supposed to go across his tiny chest.

"Ty, come on," she said as she rubbed his cheek.

He made a fussy noise and turned to the window.

"Hey, you'll be alright," she softly said and turned back to look out her window.

Dave sighed and said, "We're here." He went around and unbuckled Tyler who didn't put up much of a fight. Poor thing, he looked to so tired.

Cecilia got out of her seat and held out her arms for Tyler. Dave handed him over to her and snatched the keys that were lying on the hood of the car. She followed him up to the building, holding Ty delicately.

2 flights of stairs later, Dave was holding open the door for Cecilia and Tyler. The second she stepped into the apartment, it had dawned on her that she stepped into a 'no woman's land'. It was actually quite sad; there were dishes piled up in the sink, clothes on the floor- the clothes were like another layer for the floor, you couldn't even see the floor!

"Oh…my….God…this place"-

"Is hell, welcome to it," interrupted Dave as he smirked and cleared a piece of floor.

She smiled back at him and cleared the couch, "Took the words right out of my mouth."

Dave hung open his mouth and she said, "Hey, I only speak the truth," as she held up her free hand.

He laughed lightly and smiled. "Sorry about the mess, we really haven't had much time to clean up."

She nodded her head as she glanced around the room, "Yeah, I kinda noticed that." she laughed and said, "What do you do when you're on a date, and your date doesn't want the night to end?" her eyebrows rose and she noticed how his eyes went wide. "I'm joking," she said before he could say anything to defend himself. She saw him relax a bit. "So…medicine time?"

He nodded and got up; she got up too and cleared off the rest of the couch so that she could lay Tyler on it. She knelt on the side of the couch and brushed back his hair. His forehead was steaming hot.

Dave came back with a box of something and he spooned some of the liquid from the bottle into Tyler's mouth. Tyler grimaced, but downed the liquid all the same.

Cecilia smoothed his cheek and whispered, "Where's his room?"

"Oh, I'll show you."

She nodded and followed him down a narrow hallway. Once she was in his room, she sadly smiled. Cecilia laid him on his bed.

"Hey, kid," she whispered to him, "hope you feel better."

Tyler stirred a little and moved on his side. Cecilia rubbed his back once more and stood. Dave was watching her from Tyler's doorway. She nervously smiled, too one last look at Tyler and moved out the door.

Dave soon followed her to the living room. Cecilia was looking around the room again in astonishment. And to Dave's amusement, she moved to the kitchen and pulled out a garbage bag and started throwing trash away.

"What"- Dave spoke but was interrupted as Cecilia asked him if he had a bin for clothes that needed to be washed.

"Yeah," he softly said, "By the bathroom."

She nodded and walked back down the tiny hallway and to the bathroom, which she found by luck. Cecilia picked up the bin and carried it out into the living room.

"Oh hey, some of that's clean," Dave said as he saw her toss clothes into the bin.

"Yes, but which ones is the question."

He laughed and helped her toss clothes into the bin.

About two hours later, an over flowed bin full of clothes, a clean sink- free of dirty dishes, and one large garbage bag by the door, you could actually see the floor. Which was a light shade of blue that complemented the dark blue walls and matched Dave's eyes.

"Hungry?" he asked her.

She sighed and looked at her watch. "Um, yeah I guess I could go for a pizza."

He smiled and moved towards the phone to dial the pizza place down the street.

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