My Broken Heart
By: Cat
A/N: This is more like a diary entry then a story or a poem. It is just written down to help me get over something that happened to me. Reasuring and supportive reviews are still welcome and I appricaite them ( Also all names that are used are not real names and were changed. Rated: G
I thought that I was in love maybe I was for a short period of time. But he sure din't love me. And I have recently come to terms with that and I can live agin with no more tears for him. He was perfect for me or so I thought. Tall, dark, funny, sweet, nice body. Little did I know he was not for me at all.

My friend Jenny went out with him for four days. I didn't understand why she dumped him, he was so perfect. We confessed to each other how much we liked each other, it seemed so real then. We started going out. Me and Jenny went thourgh a lot of fighting and tears I was so mad at her for not understanding she had dumped him after all right? She said she had never cared for him but now she says she still does. And I just might believe her, I mean look how he sucked me in.

So anyways. We went out he would buy me stuff give me sweet letters. Then school got out I saw him twice. But then he wouldn't return my calls, or my e-mails. When he answered the phone when I would call he would say that he was busy I as so hurt. Then finnaly you can probley guess what happens.

Everyone always says how there are two ways that are the most horible ways to get dumped. Over a note or e-mail and asking if we can still be friends. He managed to combine both. On the night before our 6 week anivirsoury he sent me and e-mail dumping not stating why, and then asking if we could still be friends.

Frist I was overcome with grief my hear ached so bad. I thoguht I would die. For myself I could see no future my sinking in my grief. Then came the guiltness. It must have been my fault that's why he dumped me I did something wrong.

But now I can say that I have over come it. I'm single indepentdent and strong. I don't need a boyfriend to be important or cool. I know I will some day have a boyfriend agin but this one will stick and I will always remember him as a wound only time can heal

A/N: Thank you for listoning to my spell. If you have had a issue with being heart broken e-mail me (carebear_chick22 ). I would love to help you. I know how it feels and I'm not an old person either, I'm only 14. I know that's kinda young, but you never know how much talking to someone can help. I know how much talking to my friends helped.
hugs and kisses