Ha Ha I have another story to write aren't I crazy

Chapter 1

"Good Morning L.A., your tuned into Jamming X-interlude and it is 7 a.m. and you have to get your ass out of bed and go to your job, too bad for you." I sat up in my bad as my radio turned on in my ear, telling me to wake up, as my daily routine. "To wake you up, here is a song that is a personal favorite of mine, Just Like You by Three days Grace played on my stereo as I put my feet on the floor as I dreaded getting out of the warm comfort of my beautiful bed. I hated school, it was just something I had to do I guess.

I walked over to the bathroom as Three Days Grace, one of my favorite bands, banged and yelled about everything that felt like it was connected to me, as I jumped in the shower and washed up waking myself up in the process. As I got out of the shower I heard the voice of my father playing to an old song that they always played. He was a guy that every body wanted to be, he was famous and every one knew him, well they thought they did.

My dad was David Keeley, the famous rock star who started out living in a van playing on the street for money, well that is what his publicist told people. In fact he was some rich punk who was bored out of his mind and started a band with all the rest of his punk friends. He would sing songs about not having it right when he never had to work a day in his life. Every one loved his songs and loved him, and they always wanted to hang out with me because I was Halley Keeley the daughter of the rock star.

I walked into my room and stepped softly on my nice shag carpet and felt it go through my bare toes, tickling it softly. I walked over to my closet and walked in, yep I had a walk in closet with thousands of clothes and all the shoes you could possibly imagine. I was spoiled girl who loved every minute of it. I got everything I wanted, why am I telling you a story about me when I had no problems in the world, because that it was soon changed forever.

As I picked out the perfect outfit, a tube top, playboy bunny jacket and a cute mini skirt, I thought of the one thing that scared the crap out of me. Ever since I started going to this preppy school for the losers of life that made it out only by their parent's money, I had these creepy ass dreams. I couldn't see anything at all and then this really scary pick of me dieing clipped into my brain and I was lying with blood coming over my mouth. I was being held by a guy with longish black hair and he was looking at my body with a knife in his hand, as he looked up I felt a rush and I felt I was falling and then that is when I usually wake up.

I got used to the dreams now and barely even thought about them anymore, I didn't know that they were going to be so important until I met "him", and then I knew my dreams weren't only figments of my imagination.

I got dressed in my clothes, that even I had to admit was to get a guy's attention, and looked at myself in the mirror and put my hair up in to buns in the back of my head and put on my boyfriend's, who's name is Joshua, baseball cap on and rushed down the stairs. I looked at the big grandfather clock and it was seven- fifty just in time to pick up my friend. I ran down the grand stair case and was greeted by my beautiful parents and they hugged me good bye and I ran to our garage.

I ran to my red Mercedes convertible and hopped in all cool with out opening the door like they did in the movies. I reached for my keys and turned on the car and gunned the engine until I reached the garage door and slowed down, as I cranked up my radio listening to my Linki Park CD, I wasn't the usual rich girl in LA. I wasn't preppy like the people that wanted to hang out with me, but I was a mysterious understood chick. People only hanged around me because of my father, of course I didn't really talk to them and they thought I was snotty, but I didn't care, because their boyfriends were staring at me the whole time and it was the funniest thing when they got caught.

You probably think I'm a total witch right, well I have been called much worse that that, but people never got to know me and they only liked me for my father, and I knew it so who cared? Not me.

I banged out to the sounds of 'Breaking The Habit' as I drove down to my friend Sara's house. As soon as I drove up I honked loudly and she ran down her steps as I heard the slight sound of her father yelling and telling her that she was a slut. She walked down the steps and smiled at me warmly and walked from her messed up life and joined me in mine.

"Hey, what is wrong with your dickhead of a father today?" I said with a mawk prep voice. She jumped in the same way as I did, and huffed as she leaned back in her chair. "He thinks I look like a slut, because I'm wearing a skirt, well he could go to hell." I was surprised at this, she was the usual quiet type and she would never curse and she never really talked about her father that way. "Whoa slow down there; you sound like well me, what is going on?" I squeezed her shoulder for comfort.

Sara was my beat friend and she didn't live like me and my friends, she went to my school, because she had a scholarship in fact she was a resident of a little ghetto and one of the many that was in L.A. No one liked her because she didn't have the coolest clothes and she was the quiet type, she was so nice to everybody, and now you she why I like her so much.

"I just wish I didn't live this way, I wish I was you." She closed her eyes and sighed deeply as she fell back to the chair. "Don't go all green eyed monster on me please; I have enough of that at school." I was tired of people saying 'Oh I wish I was you' Oh please, people need to be themselves and if they can't handle that you must have big problems.

"Sorry, you know what happened yesterday, Brad broke up with me." 'Whoa, what her and Brad have been going out for ages.' "What is his damage?" I asked her as she placed her hands on her face and screamed before answering, she always did this. "His father apparently hit it big with one of his songs and my best friend's dad made him rich and asked him to be his song writer." Aw crap, there dad goes again; him being famous is the worst thing in the world.

"So he dumped you because he is rich now, you don't need him anyway, he was always a jerk." Of course that was a lie, but she didn't have to know that. Brad was a guy that went to her old school and she told me that she loved him and would do anything for him, guess she changed her mind. "I hate guys, they need to die." I nodded my head in agreement as we drove up to the school and Joshua was waiting for me, as I hoped out of the car and walked over to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and walked towards the school.

Usually Josh was the type I would never date, he was the head football player, and he was school president. When I entered the school he was one of the most revolting guys I had ever seen in my life. He had his blonde hair and his perfect smile, every girl wanted him. Then I caught shouting out David Keeley sucked out on the intercom I knew he was the guy for me. He never wanted to hang out with me and told me that I was a total bitch, of course that earned him a punch in the face that knocked him out for a hour or two, but I was there when he woke up and told him I wanted him to go out with me and he said no, which just caused me to want him more. After a lot of cussing and hitting we have been together ever since.

"Hey Halley, you want to come over to my place and hang out after school or something?" He walked by me and I looked the other way, the one way to get a guy's attention was not to give him yours. I laughed at his suggestion, knowing exactly what he meant. "You know we aren't in middle school anymore, just tell me you want to do me after school." He gave me a smile after my part of our daily routine. "What would you have said if I did that?" I still looked away from him waving to people that I didn't even know. "Well I would of told you to go screw yourself and kicked you in the balls so hard you wouldn't be able to have children.' He laughed at my answer, we always did this, and it was like our lives to get on each other's nerves.

"Well at least you wouldn't have looked like such a wuss." He turned me around so I faced him and wrapped me up in a passionate kiss, which I stepped on his foot causing him to let go and looked down and his toe sure that it was broken. "Bye Joshua." I waved at him as I walked into the school, we have done that every day ever since we have been going out, he probably had no toes by now, it felt good to be in control, I mean he would do anything for me for a kiss, so what if I was a bitch, I was in control and he needed a girl to be in control.

"You are so mean to him, how does he still come back for more? I say he is on steroids, either that or he has metal bones that can't be broken." Sara hung out behind my locker door as I grabbed my books and checked myself out in my mirror to make sure I had nothing embarrassing, not like I cared, but what was the point of being feared when people would laugh at you. I was the bitch of the school and I knew it, along with everybody else, except for "him"

As I closed my locker I felt a pair of eyes burn into me, I tried to ignore it, but in no time I was turned around face to face with the most beautiful blue eyes. Eyes that I had surely seen before, but before I could figure out where they were turned around trying to open a locker and ending up hitting so hard the thing broke off, it was a site that made my stomach churn, but at the same time my knees started to buckle at the weight of the feeling it gave me, a rush I only felt when I woke up.

"Halley are you okay? Do you know that dude?" I was brought back to reality by Sara's calm voice and she lightly tapped me on the shoulder. I looked over to Sara and she had a look like she saw something like an alien, something she thought she. Me buckle over a guy.

"I'm fine, just back off okay!" I yelled at her, and knew it was wrong to, she did nothing wrong, but I didn't care. I hated feeling weakened by this jerk and I was set to find and destroy him, even if I didn't know his name, he must go down. I slammed my locker and walked towards my homeroom. The one class that was actually okay, well for that time being.

Mr. Clumber was a cool teacher, he never gave us homework he just put an A on our report cards and sent us on our way, he let us listen to music and he even let us eat, he was definitely the coolest teacher ever, but I couldn't stop hating his class after he made that announcement, the one announcement that could made me fall.

"Hey punks, settle down we have a new student." I wasn't listening, I was just drawing the image I had in my head, the one in my dream. I was known for my creepy ass drawing, it was one of my signatures, and no one asked about it, they just thought I was going to kill myself. I actually talked to the counselor about it. She kept calling me honey; I was suspended after telling her off, her face was priceless.

I didn't turn up my head as I filled in the features of the guy in my dream, until I felt as if the picture was alive and actually looking at me with life in its eyes. I tried to ignore, but then I looked up and was scared shitless at what I saw. "This is Jason Muth -" The teacher started. "Munters, it's Munters." As I heard his voice my whole arm was covered in nasty goose bumps. "Munters as in Kevin Munters, the dude who was in If You Know What I Wanted Last October Scream Bloody Murder, dude I loved that movie." The class burst out in excitement. "Oh totally cool dude", I couldn't help but laugh at him mawking the poor beef head. "Here is a tip, stop watching stupid movies and maybe you might learn how to add." Now I was about to burst out laughing as I looked at the jock's stupid expression.

"What?" The new guy just shook his head and headed for a desk which was right next to me. Too bad it was already taken, but that didn't seem to stop him. "Hey dude I'll pay you fifty bucks to move back there so I can sit here.' What the hell was wrong with this dude was he some how deranged in some way, shape or form. "Give me your dad's autograph and you got a deal." It scared me that the dude sitting next to me was actually serious.

"Okay, now go sit in the back like the good jock you are." Jason talked to him like a stupid dog, he was such a jerk, and what is he doing paying a dude to sit by me. This dude needed the psychiatrist. I stopped drawing as I felt the dude looking over my shoulder. "You know that is a really good drawing of me, I'm really sexy." I stopped dead as he noticed the fact that I was drawing him. "Wow I like that I'm holding your dead body very kinky." As he said this whole class burst out in laughter and they started to walk over to see the "picture"

I closed the book before anyone could see it, but they still bugged me about it. "Who said that was you?" I looked up to be welcomed by a smirk and two wild blue eyes. "Oh sorry my mistake, I guess even though it looks just like me it can't be me right." Okay what is with this guy, did he have a death wish? "I'm sorry I think I drew a guy and by the looks of it, you are not even close to one of those. "The whole class was making noises as if they were waiting for me to pound him and I came pretty close to it.

"Hey new kid, I know you are new and all so I'm going to tell you this once, but this girl will eat you alive and spit out your bones if you mess with her." As I hear this a big smile crosses my face, I guess being mean has paid off. To my surprise he had an even bigger smile on his face. "What did you grow up in the ghetto or something?" He gave me a mock sympathetic tone and put his hand on my shoulder. It scarred me that I left it there, and that I wasn't totally disgusted by it.

"No sorry, my dad is David Keeley, you may of heard of him, you know on the radio." He looked kind of confused. "Who the hell is David Keeley?"