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I shook off the feeling that I just had for the past minute and dragged my attention to my friend. "Um, I'm fine." I saw the skeptical look and replaced my tough exterior. "It's just that stupid jerk! He gets on my damn nerves!" She gave me a slight smile as I looked over to see if Jason had gone in all ready.

"Right, I think he likes you." She gave me a teasing voice and I quickly turned to her seeing no Jason in site. "What him? Like I would care, he is such a jerk and he thinks he is so the god of the damn universe or something." She shook her head as she walked into the building holding all our lockers.

"What?" She looked back as I walked into the bustling room, and quickly followed her to our lockers. "Nothing at all." I could tell she was all reading way too much into this. If she thought I liked him, well she didn't know anything, of course I didn't like that ass, he could shove his egotistical self up his own crack and I wouldn't care.

I quickly walked up to my locker and popped off the lock as quickly as I could, not looking over to even talk to Sara. I just wanted to get this day over with and to get out of this stupid school for the day, and to get away from every prissy daddy's girl, and every rich jerk in this school.

I slipped off my clothes and my newly ripped shirt and replaced them with my newly cleaned gym clothes. I looked at them in disgust. For a school who has millions of dollars, you think that they could pay for clothes that don't make us look like some king of fruit. The color red and yellow together never looked good together.

As I slipped on my shirt I felt someone staring at me, but when I looked around it was only me and Sara, who was busy with her own thing, getting her shoes on. I looked around one more time, and quickly shook it off and bent back down to put on my shoes. Soon me and Sara was walking out of the locker room into a huge gym, now with newly finished wooden floors. "So what is his name anyway? I mean the jerk you speak of." I took a deep breathe as I felt my blood begin to boil at the sound of him. "Why would I care?" "'Cause you'll be screaming it later." My fists clenched at the sound of his cocky tone. I quickly turned around to see him smiling back at me. "What do you want?"

He placed his hand on his chest and gave me a shocked look. "I'm hurt, how could you give me such a cold tone to the one you love, do you have no heart women?" I gave him an ugly look and he returned it with a big smile. "I missed that lovely smile." I lunged forward and I was quickly interrupted by Sara's body flying to the rescue. "Hi, I'm Sara. I see you've met Halley, don't worry she is not always like this, I mean she has to go to sleep sometime." I roll my eyes and gave him another dirty look.

"You mean you are friends with her, wow what you a navy seal or something." She gave him a little flirty laugh as he smiled back at her. Obviously proud of himself for making the girl laugh. "Yeah must be." I whispered under my breathe as I stood waiting for Sara to get her stupid hormones in check and come and join me in thrashing Jason.

"Oh and if you were wondering my name is Jason." He gave her, what he must of thought was a million dollar smile. I waited for her to blow him off, but was surprised to see her give him a smile. "Nice to meet you." She held out her hand and he quickly took it and shook it. "As you can imagine Halley says nothing but good things about you." He scoffs and let's go of her hand and stuck it in one of his pockets, leaning in the way guys flirt. But he quickly gave me a smile as he saw me over her shoulder Oh gag me.

What surprised me even more was that she was totally into him, what was she on drugs, this guy was so fake. Am I the only one who could see that?!

"Hey Sara, maybe we could go to class before I lose my breakfast." She quickly turned to me giving me the leave_ me _ alone _ I _ like _ this _ dude look. "You can go ahead I'm kind of busy here." She said as I shook my head and turned away to walk into the gym and sit down in the group of people who had already started their stretches.

"Very nice for you to join us Ms. Keeley, now if you wouldn't mind will you please come up here and lead the stretches." I heard the husky voice. I gave my she male coach, Ms. Dumas, or as we call her the female version of bigfoot, a clearly fake smile. "Oh I would love to, in fact I want to thank you for giving me a chance it has been my life long dream to lead the stretches." I wave my hand in front of my face mocking a ditsy beauty queen who had just won an award.

"Okay that is enough Halley give me two laps." I roll my eyes and jog over to the outer ring of the gym and began to jog, slowly, around the gym. I had no problem with the first lap, but my legs began to get tired as I began the next one. I felt nothing like getting sweaty so I began to walk. "Come on Ms. Keeley you can do it!" I hear her manly voice as he gives me a fake cheer.

I kept walking despite her/his clearly angry voice. I felt good as new in about ten seconds, but I wasn't going to give the coach what it wanted. Screw society, it's not like I'll have to run laps when I live off my dad's money. I'll probably have people to run them for me.

"Come on Ms. Keeley, if you aren't going to run them, just go to the office." Lucky for me the opening to the gym to the hallway was not that far away so I just walked out and left the class, starting to walk towards the girl's bathroom. I felt my feet drag as I didn't feel like even walking properly.

I heard the squeak of my shoes as I slid them on the tiled floor. I looked around for the sign and there it was the girl's bathroom. For a second I thought twice about just going in the boys room instead. But I walked in as I decided no stupid writing is going to scare me into going into the hell hole known as the boy's room.

So I quickly walk to the entrance of the girl's room and look around for any signs of any killers or stalkers. All clear. So I quickly fell onto one of the comfortable couches, and let out a big sigh. This is where I usually went during P.E. Either I faked cramps, or just you know never went.

I didn't really see the point to P.E., health was for people who couldn't afford plastic surgeons. It's not like most people didn't throw up their food anyway. They would rather walk to the bathroom than actually run a mile or run anything for that matter. Which I think is extremely stupid, but doesn't mean I'm going to run.

"Screw this, I'm getting out of here." I push myself up from the comfy couch and begin to walk out the door when I remember that I better get a note to get my stuff out of the lockers. I racked my brain for a couple seconds, when I finally knew exactly what to do.

I walked out of the bathroom and headed towards the nurse's office. I walked down the empty hallway, my stomps bouncing off the walls. I stopped for a quick drink from the fountain, and I soon found myself in front of the nurse's office.

"Okay, it's show time." I placed my hand on my lower stomach and scrunched up my face as if I was in extreme pain. I have done this like a thousand times before, I was a pro. Once I did for a month straight and the lady didn't even ask any questions.

So I gripped the handle and pushed open the door and gave out a groan of fake pain. I shut my eyes to give it extra effect. "My stomach hurts." I told her with out opening my eyes. "You know you can drop the act she isn't here right now." I opened my eyes to the oh so familiar face of Jason. "Who said I was faking it?" I gave him a matter of fact tone as he flipped through a health magazine.

"Nobody had to tell me, you just sucked so bad." He never gave me a look as I stomped over to him ready to give him a huge chunk out of my mind and take out a chunk of his face.

"What you're the expert since your dad was in some teen slasher movie, well screw you!" I looked down at him and he was still staring at that stupid magazine of his. "nope that would make me know nothing about acting, but unlike my dad I can act. Better than you, that's for sure." He nodded his head and kept focused on his magazine.

"You know why don't you stop being such a bitch and actually look at me while I talk to you." I placed my hands on my hips as I waited him to look up and try to run away scared just like everybody else in this school. To my surprise he raised his head, looked at me and just smiled. After he made eye contact he let out a deep breathe and went back to his magazine.

"You know your make up is running." He told me in a calm tone. I instantly ran into the bathroom and checked my make up.

I closed the door behind me and looked in the fairly dirty mirror and found that my make up was perfect, not a flaw. Shit, he knew exactly what he was doing and he was probably patting himself on the back because he thought he found my weakness, well he has got another thing coming.

"Made you look." I quickly grabbed a cup from the side of the sink and filled it up with the water from the sink. I held the cup in one hand and opened the door with the other. "Okay you got me." I admitted to him as I stopped in front of him. He looked up from his magazine and gave me a smirk. "You won and you know what winners get." He gave me a bigger smile and stood and walked up closer. "What is that?" I stepped closer to him and began to lean in for another kiss as he closed his eyes. But before our lips touched I raised my cup over his head and poured it all over him making him soaking wet.

"Shit!" He opened his eyes to find his shirt totally wet, and see through. "First you cover it with foam and then you wet it, well thank you." He lifted it up to wipe off his face and my eyes caught site of his six pack right before he dropped his shirt which was now clinging to it.

"Oh hello Halley, what is the matter with you today?" I snapped my eyes away from his um stomach and turned to see the sweet old lady we called the nurse. "Oh um, I'm having my period and I'm having really bad cramps, so I was wondering if I could go home." I was still distracted by something else when I answered so I didn't even try to act. "Okay, well let me get a note." I nodded and turned back to see Jason still pretty wet and as I looked on his pants I couldn't help but laugh as I saw that it looked like he had an "accident" in his pants.

"Oh and my friend Jason, just couldn't get to the toilet on time so he kind of you know." I let the nurse know and even she couldn't help but have a smile on her face. "Wait no I didn't, she wet me." He tried to contradict my accusation, but I cut him off. "Oh don't worry about it Jason, we all need to be potty trained sometime, I guess your parents just forgot about it." He gave me a scowl and I gave the nurse an innocent smile a she handed me the mote.

"Thank you." he smiled at me and nodded as I began to walk away. "Oh well um, nurse, should I walk her since we don't want her to get lost or anything." As soon as he said that, I turn to see the jack ass, Jason walking towards me. "Oh marvelous idea." The nurse clapped and pushed him towards me. "This is a big school, and you do need to have someone to show you around, so let's kill two bird with one stone." The nurse said as I lifted my finger ready to protest but Jason had already waved good bye, and pushed me out the door.

Where did he get the nerve to push me around? "Guess I'm stuck with you." he said as he closed the door behind him. He shook his head and began to walk towards me. "You mean I'm stuck with you. You got me stuck with you." I said pointing out the obvious to the idiot. He shrugged his shoulders and began to walk down the hall.

"So what, I needed to get out of there it was boring, you are just an excuse." He said shrugging his broad shoulders, I mean fat meaty shoulders.

I caught up to him quickly and walked right next to him. "Well, why were you in there in the first place?" I asked, he let his shoulders raise in another shrug. "I guess didn't feel like running either." I smile at the thought of the female bigfoot yelling at him. "Well where is Sara?" I asked as he stopped in front of the hall leading to the bathrooms. "Who?"

"The girl you were talking to." I said after I said that he took a moment to think and let out a sigh in understanding. "She felt like it. So what is her deal anyway?" He bent his arms back and placed his hands behind his head and began to walk towards the bathroom. "Best friend, stupid dad, and the only exceptional human in this waste of dry wall, building." He dropped his arms back down to his sides and placed his hands in his pockets. He nodded as he turned into about the only place I have been in today, the girl's bathroom.

"She is cool, mind if I go out with her?" He said it like she was some ho and I was her pimp. "She doesn't belong to me, ask her." He sat on the couch and asked for me to come join him with the traditional hand pat. "I just didn't know if you would be jealous, but I guess I don't have to worry about that." I walked over to the couch and stood by the arm, kind of wondering why he would think I would be jealous.

"Why would I? I don't intend on going out with you, remember I have a boyfriend." He let out a scoff and turned to me. "You mean a sick pup that you lead around on a leash twenty four seven. "Poor dude should be shot and put out of his misery." I gave him a dirty look and he did what he always did, he smiled.

"So when are you going to ask her out?" He turned back to the couch and began to play with his lighter. "I guess when I give her a ride home today." I gave him a skeptical look and he began to explain. "Well since you will be gone early, I will put on my night in shining armor act and sweep her off her feet and drive away into the sunset, and to her house." I made a gagging sound as my non existent breakfast was coming up.

"Well Miss I know every thing what should I do?" I sat down next to him, but still a safe distance. "Well, I would cut the crap and tell her that you want to jump her bones and get it done with." He gave me a confused look. "You know shag her, screw her, make love. You know jump her bones." He gave raised his eyebrows, I could see he was still very confused.

"You know you are not a very delicate person are you?" I shook my head and gave him a fake smile. "Well that is what you get when you are raised by a fifty year old, who acts like a twenty year old playboy, an a women who is only about sixteen years older than you." He smiled in understanding. "I guess your right. So you want me to tell her I want to "jump her bone." What next?" "Well she will probably slap you, but she will see that your not some guy who plays games and then she will ask "How about dinner first?" She will give you a smile and jump in, and be put into the disappointment of her life." I said it and he nodded telling me he got what I was saying.

"Well if someone asked you that what you do?" I thought for a second and then answered. "Depended on who asked me." I gave him a wink and got up from the couch and walked over to the sink, and as expected he followed right behind me.

"Well, what if I asked you?" I heard the cockiness in his tone and I just couldn't wait to destroy it. "Well I would probably deck you and tell you off, and then stomp off." I smiled at myself in the mirror watching for his expression to change, but it didn't he still had that cocky smile.

"Right?" he said with a skeptical tone as I turned around to see his face so close to mine that our noses touched. "Um will you back off? Please." As I said this he hesitated and finally stepped back and I walked past him out of the bathroom. As I brushed past lightly grazing his now clingy wet shirt.

I looked down the hall and the coast was clear of people so I began to walk down the hall, listening for the sound of him following me. "Hey wait up!" I cringed as he had said it way too loud of course warning one of the teachers that we were out here, he was not the most stealth person in the world. I turned around and there he was running after me even though I had only walked about five yards in front of him.

"You know you'll get us caught, right?" He shook his head as he stopped in front of me. "You have a note." Duh! I placed my hand and remembered that P.E. shorts didn't come with pockets. "Aw, crap, I think I left my note in the bathroom." I lifted my hand out of my non existent pocket and slapped my head in embarrassment. "So go get it." I quickly began to walk back to the bathroom hoping that it was in there not some where in the hall.

"You are such a spas." His smirk of a tone followed me towards the bathroom. I decided to just shake my head, knowing that he was right but still he pissed me off when he said it out loud. "What the hell is your problem, you barely know me and you do nothing but say crap about me?" I asked not hiding my pissed off attitude. "Once you met one preppy bitch you have met them all." He said walking beside me, still wet.

"Well am I cheerleader?" I asked. "I wouldn't be surprised." He shoved his hands in his pockets, as he said this. "Well I'm not." As soon as I finished my sentence I heard crinkle come from under Jason's foot. "Hey I think you're stepping on the note, now step off and let me get it." He lifted his foot, and I picked up the nasty yellow paper, that now had a converse shoe print on it.

"Good going genius, next time watch where you're…" I trailed of as I placed my finger on the back of the paper, feeling a wet substance cover my fingers. I lifted my fingers, and I froze in shock. "What is it?" He asked as if he didn't see the red goo dripping from my fingers. "Blood." I gulped. "Somebody forgot their pads."