Ch 1.

I'm going to kill them in their sleep. Yep suffocate them while they're passed out and can't fight back. Who the hell do they think they are anyway? Damn it wasn't like we were doing anything wrong, just watching a movie. Yea there was the occasional kiss here and there but that's to be expected, we were on a date.

"Hannah Michaels!" A male voice yells beating on my door. "Open this fucking door now or I'll break it in!"

"Go to hell Jaron!" I yell throwing my alarm clock against the door. "You break my door and I swear I'll kill you!"

"Come on sis open up." A calmer voice says. My anger dies down a little after hearing my older brother's voice. I was tempted to open the door and let him in but them the events that happened only a few minutes before rushed through my mind.

"No! I hate you guys! Just leave me alone!" I scream lying down on my queen size bed.

"Hannah." Jaron sighs. "Stop being a baby and open the door."

"Me being a baby? I don't think so." I yell sitting up on my bed in a swift motion. "You guys are the babies."

"Yes we're all babies." A new voice laughs. Stupid idiot. I mumble throwing my basketball trophy against the door. "Ya know sis you're going to dent your door and then moms going to be terribly mad."

"GO AWAY!" I yell.

"Not until you open this door." The calm voice says. I slowly make my way to the door and barely open it just far enough to see the four idiots standing in front of me. Jaron pushes it open further and causes me to stumble backwards.

"I didn't say you were allowed to come in assholes." I say standing against the wall with my hands on my hips. Jaron and Jace flop down on my bed. Today Jace had on a cowboy football jersey and Jaron had on a Knicks basketball jersey. That was the only difference between the two. They had the same wavy brown hair, the same green/blue eyes, same strong built, and even the same small heart shaped birth mark on their upper back.

"We didn't ask did we?" Jace smiles. I roll my eyes toward him and in return he sticks out his tongue.

"Sis we didn't mean to make you mad. We were only trying to look out for you." Lane says softly looking at me with pleading eyes. Lane has the same wavy hair as Jace and Jaron but his eyes were the brightest of blue. He was older than the twins by four years making him twenty three but he looks just as young as they did. Lane though was much more mature and much easier to get along with.

"Yea sis we didn't mean any harm." Jaron smirks.

"That's bullshit Jaron and you know it." I say glancing at all them. "You gave him a broken nose, and probably a few bruised ribs!"

"Well he deserved it." Jace mumbles anger evident in his voice.

"For what exactly?" I ask crossing my arms over my chest. "For liking me?"

"No." Jaron says.

"For trying to get in your pants!" Jace yells. I look at him like he was crazy because he was.

"What the hell?" I yell. "We were kissing. Damn Jace I walk in on you kissing those little tramps you bring home all the time."

"Tramps exactly." Jace says. "You my sister are not a tramp."

"So what I can't kiss a guy?" I yell getting frustrated. "I don't believe you guys. What do you want me to do? Stay locked in my room 24/7 and never go out with any guy?"

"Yes that'd be good." Jaron answers. I look at him thinking he was joking but his face was as serious as if he told me my dog died. I hear chuckling in the corner and turn to see Lane's best friend sitting in my purple rolly chair laughing.

"You." I say pointing at him. He stops laughing and his dark eyes widen. "I expected this of them but not you. You were supposed to be on my side."

"I am on your side." He says.

"Stop being a pussy Raythe." Jaron laughs. "You were the one who threw the first punch."

"Did not." Raythe replies looking at me. "I didn't I promise."

"Whatever I don't care." I say sadly. "That's the fourth guy you guys have run off this month."

"We don't mean to." Lane says softly. I glare up at him but my face softens almost immediately.

"I know." I sigh sitting beside Jace on my bed.

"Hey." Jace laughs pushing me over the on the mattress. "We're your older brothers that's what we do." I roll my eyes but smile.

"I just wish you wouldn't do it to every guy who comes around. I'm going to go to collage a virgin if you keep it up."

"Ehh!" Jaron groans and places his hands over his ears. "Sis!"

"You're a virgin?" Raythe asks sounding surprised. Lane glares at him and he shrugs his shoulders. "Just wondering."

"Well if you are or if you aren't I don't want to hear it." Jaron mumbles standing up.

"Me either." Jace laughs standing up beside his twin.

"Guys but you're my brothers. I want to tell you all the details of my sexual experiences." I smile sweetly.

"Hey I'm not your brother I don't want to hear it." Raythe cuts in.

"You're close enough." I smile at him. "Ok there was that first time with Billy Walters in the back of his..."

"NO!" Jaron and Jace scream at the same time. I laugh. So maybe I won't kill them in their sleep, well not yet anyway.

"Fine but get out of my room, all of you." I laugh as they head to the door. "What are you guys doing tonight?"

"Umm who knows?" Lane shrugs. "Probably watch movies or work on the car. Whatever hits us." I nod and turn to grab my magazine off my side table.

"Are you coming with us?"

"If you leave holler at me I might." I answer flipping through the pages. My three brothers walk out pushing and hitting each other. Raythe was almost out the door when he stuck his head back in my room. I look up at him questionably.

"I really didn't do anything to the pretty boy."

"Right Ray-Ray." I smile.

"I didn't!" He argues.

"If you say so."

"Hannah I didn't I promise!" He yells. I laugh.

"Ok, ok there's no reason to get all worked up."

"I'm not." He mumbles red faced.

"I believe you, now leave." I say throwing a throw pillow at him. He catches it easily and tosses it back.

"Fine if you didn't like me you could have just said so." He says giving me his puppy dog eyes.

"I've tried you just don't seem to be getting the hint." I joke.

"See if I let you drive the mustang anymore." He answers. My head quickly lifts only to be left with an empty room.

"Raythe I was joking." I scream to him. "I love you!"

"Whatever. You're still not driving my car." He yells back laughing.

"Stupid jackass." I mumble flipping another page in the magazine. I will drive that car again.

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