I bite my lower lip while staring at my tan reflection in the mirror. My blonde hair is curled in big curls down to my mid waist, my green eyes look brighter than usual because of my tan and the blue around the green is showing up because of the light grey eyeliner I'm wearing. No one usually notices the blue though because no one gets that close. I tug at my short blue skirt. I hate skirts. If it was up to me no one would wear them and dresses too for that matter. I prefer baggy shorts and lose t-shirts.

"Hannah dear are you ready?" My mom sticks her head in my room. Her face brightens when she sees me.

"Yea mom." I answer looking at her through the mirror. "Give me another second and I'll be on down." She nods toward me. After starring at me for another moment she smiles and leaves. My gaze returns back to my reflection. I didn't think I was that ugly. Of course I know I'm not the prettiest thing ever but I didn't think I was the ugliest either. Then why am I the only girl in my senior class that can't get a date? Of course there are the dates that are set up for me by my best friend Lacy but no guy has ever walked up to me and ask me out. NONE! I feel like a charity case.

"Hannah." Lane's voice breaks me away from my reflection.

"Come in." I say turning to face my brother. I smile up at him but he only frowns.

"What's wrong sis?" He asks sitting down on my bed. He was dressed in a black tux and looking very foolish. My brothers never wore dress suits or anything dressy for that matter. I was so use to seeing them dirty from oil or grease it was funny seeing Lane dressed up.

"Nothing." I shrug sitting down beside him.

"Liar." He laughs. "Come on you tell your older brother."

"Seriously Lane it's nothing."

"Fine be that way." He pouts. "See if I tell you any of my dark secrets."

"You have no dark secrets." I say rolling my eyes at him.

"You don't know that." He replies arching an eye brow in my direction. "I have lots."

"Yea like what?" I ask. "That you were the one who didn't put the toilet seat down last."

"That's one of the many." He smiles down at me. "Just don't tell mom."

"What are you two losers doing?" Jace asks barging into my room. "We're going to be late because you two are having heart to heart conversations."

"We're talking dumbass and who told you you could come in my room?" I ask.

"When do I ask?" He smirks.

"Never." I say sitting up. "Tell Linda that I really wish I could be there but I got sick and I couldn't get out of bed."

"Nope. We have to go to this stupid wedding so do you." Jace replies climbing on my bed and jumping up and down. "Whoa this is fun."

"Get your feet off my bed NOW!" I say trying to grab his legs from under him but he kept moving from side to side.

"Jace stop will ya? I'm getting motion sickness." Lane whines rubbing his temples. Lane couldn't handle movements like jumping on beds or roller coasters, or going on curvy rolls. Jace keeps jumping up and down.

"I'm having fun." Jace says in a sing song voice.

"I can't believe you're nineteen." I mumble getting off the bed and pulling my skirt down. Jace stops jumping all of a sudden and looks at me. "What?"

"You plan on wearing that?" He asks pointing at my outfit. I glance down at my bright blue skirt and plan white halter top.

"Umm yea." I shrug. "It looks summery."

"NO." Jace says jumping onto the floor and heading to my closet. He throws the door open and begins grabbing the clothes hanging up and throwing them out.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I scream walking up beside him. "Stop it Jace. You're wrinkling my clothes." I look at Lane for help but he just shrugs.

"You are NOT wearing that." Jace says flipping through my clothes.

"Yes I am!" I yell pushing him away from my closet. He barely stumbles back. "Lane will you help me?"

Lane laughs and sticks his hands in his pant pockets. "Stop Jace." He says. I look at him. Like just saying stop is actually going to stop the idiot.

"JARON!" Jace yells pulling out a long black skirt flipping it over in his hands. "JARON!" He throws me the skirt. "You'll wear this."

"No I won't either." I say laughing. He was crazy.

"Why? What's wrong with it?" He smiles. "It's pretty."

"For one it's long and black and hot, it is it middle of July stupid. And two I only wear this to funerals." I say throwing the skirt back at him. "I'm wearing what I have on." I say walking to the door just as I get in front of it. It's thrown open and hits me. I rub my forehead.

"Whoa Hannah maybe you should watch where you're going." I glare up at a smiling Jaron. "Did someone want me in here?"

"No." I mumble trying to walk around him.

"Don't let her go." Jace's voice floats out from my closet. He was now sitting Indian style on the floor flipping through my shoes. Jaron immediately steps in front of me.

"Move." I say glaring towards him.

"Why am I keeping her here?" He asks my other two stupid brothers.

"Jace doesn't approve of her outfit." Lane shrugs nonchalantly. Jaron eyes my clothing and frowns.

"Sis where do you think we're going, the corner of Main Street?" He asks causing Jace to laugh. I frown down at my outfit.

"Are you implying that I look like a hooker?"

"Well yea or a tramp." Jaron says. I look at Lane who smiles sympathetically.

"You don't look like neither one of those." He assures me.

"He's just trying to make you feel better." Jaron says placing an arm around my shoulder and walking me toward my closet. He begins flipping through my clothes beside Jace. "Found it!" He says excitingly bringing out the same black skirt that Jace had tried to make me wear earlier. I roll my eyes and walk over to my bed. I flop down face first and hide my head in the mattress. "You'll look gorgeous in this."

"Ehh." I groan. Why do I have to have brothers? A sister would have been nice. My door flies open and I flip over to see my mom glancing around my room.

"What happened in here?" She asks grinning. She knew exactly what happened. "Hannah." She whines looking at me. "You're hair is going to be all messed up if you lay on it. Sit up." I sigh but do as I'm told.

"Mom don't you like this skirt?" Jaron asks holding out the ugly thing. My mom covers her mouth with her hand trying to cover up the smirk that was on her lips.

"It's umm pretty I guess." She finally says.

"Exactly. Wear it Hannah." He says throwing it at me.

"I don't have a shirt." I mumble.

"Here." Jace says from the floor. He throws me a white t-shirt with a panda on it. My mom laughs. I glare at her.

"Jace brother dear where did you get this shirt?" I ask biting on my inner cheek trying to keep myself calm.

"This box in the bottom of your closet." He says looking up at me.

"And what does this box say on it?"

"Umm." He says looking back in my closet to look at the box. "Red cross."

"Exactly." I say throwing the shirt that was four sizes too small for me at him. "I'm donating those clothes stupid. Anyway that is a kids t- shirt that no one would wear to a wedding."

"Ohh." He says inspecting the shirt. Boys are stupid. I glance at my mom who was smiling beside Lane. I roll my eyes.

"Do I look like a hooker?"

"Yes." Jaron says.

"No sweetie." My mom says. "You look beautiful."

"Hannah..." Jaron says. "Don't believe her."

"Hannah trust me honey."

"Since when do you care what people think of you anyway?" Lane asks. I look at him. He was right I never cared what the stupid people thought before.

"I don't." I say pushing through my mom and Lane and walking out my bedroom door. Who cares if I look like a hooker? These people will probably never see me again anyway; I only know the bride and I barely see her anyway. Who's going to give a fuck about what I'm wearing?


The wedding was a disaster. The bride wasn't ready on time, the groom was a rich stuck up jerk who had to have everything his way and when he wasn't yelling at someone for ruining his day he was hitting on every young girl there. Including me. It was a sad, sad event. My brothers however left me alone. They even let me dance with a guy. Though he was thirteen with zits and braces I couldn't complain since he was a guy. It couldn't have ended faster. Now I'm lying on our old burnt orange couch in the garage watching Jaron and Lane work on some piece of crap car. Lane had his head under the hood and Jaron was singing and dancing to the radio as he cleaned tools.

"Come on sis get up and show us your moves." Jaron says dancing his way over to me. I shake my head and laugh.

"Nope. I have no moves."

"Everyone has moves." He says grabbing my hand and pulling me up. I struggle to get lose from his grip.

"J-A-R-O-N." I whine. He picks up both my hands in his and begins dancing in circles. "This is stupid." I laugh loosening up and dancing.

"That's it." He laughs. We dance for a few minutes stupidly. If anyone had come in they'd think we were the worst dancers in the world. Which for me wouldn't be far from the truth. Lane chuckled at us.

"You guys have got to be the stupidest kids ever." He says placing his head back under the hood. Jaron throws a wrench at him and it hits him in the lower back. He jumps up only to hit his head on the hood. "Dammit Jaron!"

"Hey why do you think it was me?" He asks grinning. "It was Hannah." Lane glares at him and it only makes Jaron grin wider. "Sorry."

"You better be sorry." Lane mumbles going back to what he was doing. Jaron picks up another tool and begins to throw it when Lane jumps back away from the car and turns to face Jaron.

"I dare you to throw that." He says smiling. Jaron still grinning pretends to be cleaning it off.

"Man you need to lighten up. I was only making it shiny."

"Whatever. Don't throw the tools. It's dangerous and they're expensive."

"Ok dad." Jaron says rolling his eyes. Lane grins and turns toward the door where Jace and Raythe were walking in. Raythe had two pizza boxes and Jace was caring two two liter bottles of coke.

"Need any help?" I ask slumping back down on the couch.

"That'd be nice." Raythe says. "These pizza boxes are hot."

"Jaron help will ya?" I look at him.

"Are you helpless?" He asks me.

"Are you helpless?" I ask in return.

"Don't worry about it guys." Raythe says rolling his eyes. He places the boxes down on a weight bench. "You guys are pathetic."

"You guys are pathetic." Jaron and I both mimic and then blow up laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. Raythe looks at us like we were stupid.

"It's a brother sister thing." Jace says opening a two liter of pop and taking a drink.

"Jace! Get a cup." I order.

"Shut up." He says waving me away. "Go get some plates and stuff."

"Go get them yourself." I mumble flipping the top pizza box open. Pepperoni. My favorite. I smile toward Raythe who hates pepperoni. He shrugs and turns his head. I grab a slice and go toward the door. As I pass Raythe I kiss him on the cheek. "Thanks buddy."

"EWW." He says wiping off his cheek pretending to be disgusted. "Girl germs." I laugh and bounce in the house.

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