Sonata One: Outside your window

So it's 2 AM in the morning and my ass is firmly parked outside one Alicia Wainwright's window, or at least the outside equivalent of it, and I am doing so because Miss Alicia who is currently playing her Mother Mary act, is a frigid, coldhearted bitch. Alright, probably not frigid, I have happy memories that attest to that, but they aren't doing me any good sitting in a tree outside a three story house, specifically in the garden, placed there, I assume, so Miss Alicia can stare out at the flowers in the morning while little birdies and chipmunks comb her long blond hair.

Yeah, right.

Anyways, I'm sitting here on frozen bark freezing in my thin jacket, partly because the back door was locked and the window I left open earlier had been closed, but mostly because I was here to beg some sympathy from my Ice Queen, who's two year relationship with me had left me with no doubts on which side of the Sadist/Masochist scale I stood on.

I pick up a stone, and hope like fuck that it doesn't break her window. Having bits of glass rain down on me as well as that stack of crystals she has by her window just for throwing at people like me outside her window, would not be the highlight of my day.

Luckily, it only raps screeching loud against the glass, and her window snaps open loudly, with her staring angrily at me. Well, I know why she's angry, partly because I'm four hours later than she expected, and mostly because Kylie Whitman, may she burn in the internal hell fire of the tar pits of the Malebranche, in the name of our lord Judas Iscariot, amen, has a egalitarian mind, and a raging libido that I refuse to touch with a ten foot pole.

"What are you doing here?!" she hisses, crossing her arms over her chest. Well, if I go away empty handed tonight, at least I can have meager solace in the fact that I won't be the only one with hard nipples here. Fuck, but its cold.

"Begging Miss Alicia's forgiveness for things I didn't do as usual. Now can I attempt to rappel over your window or do I get to grovel for another hour or so before you'll let me in?"

"Damn you!" her eyes are flashing, and I'm glad I'm just out of slapping range. "How dare you show up after this afternoon!"

"Don't fucking take the lord's name in vain." I chide, even though I know that would piss her off enough to shove me out of the tree. Which is really getting uncomfortable, with the frozen bark digging in to the soft bits of me. I know she hates what she sees as my hypocrisy, but I swear. That's different. "Besides, the hell did I do?"

"You- and that- that girl today-" her voice almost breaks, and she deplores in to a shriek. If her brother was not fine with me and her hysterics, I loathe to think what bits of me would be cut off by now. But I figure he's busy with his own night time indiscretions, and I'm the only one in the house tonight that will have any problem getting laid.

"Judas helps me that I should worship a Goddess vengeful enough to punish me for sins not committed." I sigh, and she blushes. She knows, and I know, that it's bullshit that she's pissed at me and she knows I know, so this whole thing is about everyone knowing, and not wanting to admit it. Judas knows why I play these games with her.

So now comes the awkward silence, with her gripping her arm and looking down, me sitting on my ass in the tree lighting up because she hates it when I smoke and it is really fucking cold out here, and the smoke can't be told apart from the mist when it's this cold, and she finally looks up.

"That's bad for your health." she says, pulling it away from my hand and smothering it on the window. There's a multitude of burn marks already on the ledge, most made by me and a few by her but still from me.

"So are you, but here I am, right?" It's an honest slip and I almost regret making it.

It's a constant fight for both of us. She can't pretend to be who she is, and I can't afford to give it up. She doesn't like the fact that she's in love with me, and I still won't tell her why I took the job as the Wainwright house maid. And someday she may get tired of it, or I may, or we both might and end up with a double suicide, but for now it's worth it. Judas Iscariot in Heaven and Hell it's worth it.

She looks up shyly for once, and opens her window a little wider.

"Maria Atreyu, would you like to come in?"

I sigh in relief. My skirt was starting to ride up on my ass, and tree bark through my knees was getting really uncomfortable. Judas stop me from climbing a tree in a skirt again.

"I thought you'd never ask." I grin, the first smile of the night. I move across the window sill and grab her hand, moving to kiss it. I fucking love the way she blushes sometimes.

She pulls her hand away long enough to close the window, which had been letting in a horrible cold. It's still chilly in the room, but her family's rich enough to afford good heating, and I know I won't notice it after a while.

Thank Judas. I thought I'd never get out of that fucking frost.