Ha I bet you thought you had to wait a year and I would like to dedicate this story to all my reviewers and especially to shijouko. This reviewer had the right answer to my question and now this person gets to see the second one and more of it.

Chapter 1

"Ring, ring" I sit up and pick up the phone. "Hey Tristan" I look down to see the seven numbers that have appeared the most on my caller ID all summer. "How did you know that it was me?" I sat up completely and hung my feet off my bed. "Well I don't know, maybe because I have caller I.D." I love playing with Tristan's head he is so cute confused. "I knew that." He protected his ego, but he wasn't very good at it. "I believe you." He laughs a little. "I can't believe we are going to college in like five weeks. I'll miss you." Me and him have been going out with each other for a month and he still acts like we have been going for like a week. I love him.

"I'll miss you too Tristan. Even though we are kind of going to the same college." He acted so love sick sometimes. "Well I guess your right. Well what are you wearing?" Oh my gosh what a loser, well he was my loser. "Nothing but lip gloss." As soon as I said that my ear was filled with the sounds of him dropping the phone and then I heard some rustling and he picked up the phone again. "Don't do that to me. You know one of these times you will be and I wont believe you." He was such a pervert sometimes.

"Whatever Tristan. So how is it going with your parents back home?" He takes a minute to calm down from the incident earlier and he then he speaks. "They are cool they want me to go over to Tokyo for a week." Ah man we were supposed to spend the rest of vacation together. "I guess we still have the telephone." "I guess your right Ronny, well I got to go. I have to go to sleep if I'm going to get up early. I'll see you later. Love you Ronny.." "I love you too." We hang up and I lay there feeling like I have been for a month. Pure happiness. 'Wait why does he have to get up early, whatever.'

Tristan as you can tell he is my boyfriend. We met on the street one night as I was walking with my boyfriend. He bumped into me and he was so rude. I personally hated him, but then he saved me from my stupid boyfriend among many things. "Spot, what is up boy?" Spot is my dog, he is a pit bull, and right now he has a big bandage on his leg. We got into some trouble once. He got shot from a guy in a gang. I was so scared, thank the lord Tristan was there and kicked there asses. You know your typical night in LA.

I lay in my bed and went to sleep. I was relieved of these dreams I used to have. At first they were the best dreams ever, I would walk down the street with this shadow and he would make me so happy. Then when I was in a fight with Tristan I started to push the shadow off the cliff. It was so scary. Then I found out that I had my dream guy all along and I'm with him right now. So instead it is kind of weird it has Tristan but it is just weird.

I wake up and I guess I didn't have any dreams today. So I got out of bed and got dressed and went down stairs and saw my family having breakfast. I guess I liked the site, it was so sitcom family that it didn't seem real. "Hey sleepy head, come and join us." My dad called up to me. It felt funny hearing him not be drunk. "I guess.' I walked down the rest of the stairs and stared at all the pancakes and waffles. "Okay who died?" That had to be it. "No silly. just eat." My mom sounded so warm. "Ding dong" I walked to the door and opened it. There he was my dream guy. Tristan was standing there.

I looked up at his face and he was staring with sad eyes. "don't let me leave veronica." It was Tristan he was my dream guy. he was right there in front of me he was my guy. He was leaving though what was I going to do? "Talk to me please." Why was he being so sad? I slammed the door on his face. That is when I usually wake up. I have been wondering what that was all about. I kind of had the same dream when he was leaving for Tokyo. I wonder why he was so sad.

I get out of bed and I notice someone is throwing rocks at my window and then I noticed it wasn't even light out yet. I slowly walk over to the window and open the window and then one of the rocks hit me in the head. What was this dude's problem. I looked down and I immediately put a smile on my face. "Sorry, did I hit you?" "It's okay Tristan, what are you doing here?" "Come down and I'll tell you and stay in your pajamas." I looked down and noticed I was wearing a little skimpy night gown from Victoria Secret. Beth got it for me and it was kind of hot.

So I put on a pair of my little mermaid pajama pants. I was kind of debating if I should put a bra on because that might give him the wrong idea. Then I looked down and realized how smutty the top was. I was definitely not going out like this. Then I heard him honk and I didn't want him to wake my parents, so I grabbed a jacket and left.

I walked outside and it was so cold. Thank goodness for the jacket. I walk over to him and he puts on a fake disappointed look on his face. "Awe, you know you didn't have to put on pants for me." I raise my eyebrows and give him a weirded out look and slap him on the arm. "I was kidding, to tell you the truth I was kind of weirded out by the whole scene of you having that thing on." I smiled at him and knew that this was the Tristan we all know and love.

"So why did you interrupt my beauty sleep?" He pretended to cough on something. "Trust me there aren't enough hours of the day..." He looked at me and saw me get angry and continued his sentence. "To make you more beautiful than you already are." I wanted to kiss him. He was so sweet. But since I wanted to live through the night I settled for squeezing his hand and smiling. Then I looked out in front of us and the sun was rising. "You didn't answer my question." "Well, since I am leaving in about five days, I thought I should make the best of it. We're here."

I looked out and I saw the beach. It was so beautiful with the waves crashing against the sand. "It is so beautiful Tristan." "It's better up close." He gets out and opens the door for me. "Come on, or we're going to miss it." I walked out and the sun was rising. We ran down to the beach and we lay down. "Wow this is really beautiful, I'm glad you woke me up." He held me close and I could hear his heart beat and I could feel him breathing. I could also smell him, he smelt of thousands of roses. But most important of all I could feel the feeling he gave me. The feeling of being above it all. The feeling to be on top of the world.

"You know it is much better up close." "What are you talking about, we can't get any.." Before I could finish he lifted me up and started to walk closer to the beach. "Tristan what are you doing? Don't do it Tristan, put me down!" He was walking into the water now, I could feel him shiver from the cold. "If you insist. "No Tristan, don't you..." I was already falling. Then, right before I touched the water, he caught me. "you should know better, Veronica, I'd never let you fall." He said it like he was my knight in shining armor. well I guess he was.

I moved forward to give him a hug, while I was still in his arms. I guess I jumped to fast because the next thing I knew I was in the water crushing Tristan. I quickly got up and helped Tristan out. "Are you okay Tristan? I'm sorry." He gut up and spit some water out his mouth and said, "It's okay you're light as a feather, maybe a little lighter." "seriously are you going to be okay?" He looked at me in shock. "Um Ronny I think you should be making sure you're okay before you check on me." I look down and I blush. My night gown was completely drenched and it was kind of see through. So I covered my shelf with my jacket which was also drenched. Then the cold hit me.

I started to shake like hell, I mean I couldn't control myself. "Are you okay Ronny?" I couldn't answer I was way too cold. "It's going to be okay. Come on you can come to my place and get changed." He picked me up and he took me to the car. He sat me carefully in the passenger seat and pulled out a blanket from the back and wrapped around me. "this should keep you warm. You're going to be warm in a second." He lightly kissed me on the cheek and I was already warm and cozy.