The Subway Fairies

Caitlin walked quickly against the cold, mentally urging her frozen feet forward. It was only October and already her sweatshirt wasn't enough to stop the chill wind that seemed to blow straight through the thick fabric. Reluctantly dragging her hand from her warm pocket, Caitlin managed a glance at her watch. She would just catch the next train. Of course it never came on time, but at least the station was warmer. Caught up in daydreams of a warm and comfortable chair, or at the very least, a cold, hard bench seat out of the wind, Caitlin didn't notice the steps leading to the station until she was walking down them. Startled she glanced up. A double take revealed that this wasn't her station at all but a new one still under construction. The bare concrete platform was crowded with construction materials heaped under blue tarps. Caitlin sighed, annoyed with herself. She always functioned on autopilot in the afternoon, not noticing where her feet took her.
As Caitlin turned to go a faint strain of music caught her ear, demanding her attention. It sounded like flutes and wind through branches. Silver notes twinkled like someone taking a sledgehammer to a case of crystal, all sudden crash and sharp, glittery shards. A drum beat a slow tempo, sounding such a deep note that she felt, rather than heard it throbbing in her ears. Cautiously Caitlin stepped through the shrouded mountains of construction materials, the music growing louder in her ears. She paused behind the last stack of lumber shielding her from view, than stepped bravely forward.
The sight of an empty platform greeted her. The music seemed to emanate from the dark mouth of the tunnel. Caitlin sighed, gripped with a strange desire to follow the music to its source. Not even she was willing to walk down a dark subway tunnel, though, where who knew what could be lying in wait. Strangely the music seemed to have bewitched her limbs. Instead of letting her feet carry her back up the steps, it drew her to the edge of the platform. Caitlin tries to step back but found she couldn't. The music grew louder in her ears.
"Oh no, no, no," she said aloud, trying to break the music's hold on her body. Her voice sounded muffled to her own ears, and did nothing towards regaining control of her traitorous limbs. The drum beat spread from her temples to her toes, easing her feet jerkily forward along the platform, and ultimately delivering her at a step ladder that led to the floor of the tunnel. Caitlin shuddered as slivery bells sent shivers down her spine. She seemed to have lost total control of her own body. A rippling of chimes slipped along the tunnel. Her foot found the first step. A deep, gong-like note boomed out. Her foot landed on the next step. A triumphant cymbal crash found both her feet firmly planted on the gravel floor of the tunnel. Drawn, ever onward, by the music, she edged along the side of the tunnel, wary of any noises that would indicate a train's arrival.