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More detailed summary:

The students of Redwood Academy and Delson School are arch rivals. They compete at practically everything. And it's not just friendly competition. It's you'll-be-dead-before-I-let-you-win competition. The headmasters of both prestigious schools become sick of this, so they decide to do something about it. During summer vacation, they send the brand new seniors of both schools on a cruise to sort out their differences.

Leigh Davis is psyched up about this trip. She is one of the few R.A. students who think that the rivalry is stupid. She is ready to have fun with old and new friends. She will let no one ruin her trip. No…not even Ryan Woods, her enemy of 12 years.

Chapter One

The large auditorium of Redwood Academy was packed with happy, hyped up juniors. After all, why be in a bad mood when you're currently missing fifth period? Loud conversations were buzzing, and squeals and laughter were echoing throughout the massive room, magnifying the noise. The topic of conversations seemed to be centered on one main thing: why they were called down in the first place. It seemed as if absolutely none of them knew what was going on (which was pretty rare), so naturally, far-fetched rumours were flying about.

(Camera zooms to a group of giggling girls)

"I heard we're like getting ten, hot, transfer students!"

"But is that like possible? We only have like two weeks of school left until summer vacation! Like how can we get new students?"

"Like hello? Do I look like I know?"


(Camera zooms to the devoted drama students, who are talking in whispers)

"I heard Mrs. Richards got murdered."

"She's right there, dumbass."


(Camera zooms to the "nerds")

"I heard they're looking for someone to represent the school in a major science fair next year."

"Really? That would be good for my application! Can you believe I joined in only twelve clubs this year? My parents were pretty disappointed."

"My parents are going to be disappointed when they see that I'm getting an 87% for Chemistry. Can you believe that? 87%! I'm so dead."

(Camera zooms to the members of the student council.)

"I can't believe they didn't tell us about any of this! What's the point of being president of the student body if you don't know what's going on?"

"Oh I know! Teachers should confide in us more."

"I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Philipps."

"You do that."

(Camera zooms to random people)

"I heard they're discarding the uniforms."

"Haha. Let's not go that far."

(Camera zooms to a couple of people at the back)

"Hey, Leigh!"

Leigh Davis turned around at her name being called. She raised an eyebrow at her twin brother, who was sitting a few seats behind her. "Yeah?" she asked inquisitively.

"Do you know what this is about?"

Leigh shrugged. "There are different versions. Nobody really knows. I'm just glad I got out of Biology. We were just about to start a big test that I completely forgot about."

"Sounds like you, all right," drawled a lazy voice.

Leigh's head snapped to the direction of the person sitting next to her brother. She glared at him. She wished for the millionth time that he was within strangling distance. "Shut up, Woods!" she yelled. She turned to her brother. "Seriously! Why are you friends with the guy?"

Ethan Davis rolled his eyes. "When are you going to stop asking that question?"

"When you dump him!"

"That just sounded wrong."

Leigh felt someone nudge her in the ribs. Yelping, she faced Cyan, who was currently wearing one of her famous grins. "What?"

"Why do you hate the guy so much?" she asked with an amused tone.

Leigh rolled her eyes. "I told you," she said. "He's an egotistical jerk. He thinks he owns the world, so my purpose in life is to remind him that he doesn't."

Cyan shook her head. "He's not that bad. I mean," she added hastily when Leigh sent her an incredulous look, "I was his lab partner once, and he seemed okay. Plus, he's hot."

Leigh sighed noisily. Why? Why did all the girls find him so…appealing? Were they damn blind? Shaking her head in disbelief, she gave her friend a sad smile. "I'm sorry to say, Cyan dear, that you are another poor victim of his stupid charms. Another purpose in life for me is to save you." She patted her friend's head. "Don't you worry. I will," she vowed with a grave tone.

Cyan rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Leigh. You've been 'enemies' for how many years? Twelve?"

"Eleven years, ten months, one week," Leigh replied instantly.

Cyan gave her a look. Then she shrugged. "My point is, don't you think you're being a little immature? What did he do to become your 'enemy'?"

"Plenty of things. It will take more than a day to list them, Cyan. Let's just say they weren't good things, and they really ticked me off." She paused. "For example, he threw mud at my face when we were five."

"You were five! Besides, didn't you used to go play in the mud all the time?"

"That's not the point!" Leigh said exasperatedly.

Cyan raised her eyebrow. "Then what is?"

"I specifically told him I didn't want mud on my face. And the mud had worms in it. Tell me that wasn't nice."

"It wasn't," Cyan agreed, "but he was a little kid back then! I bet he doesn't even remember doing that."

"Oh he does," Leigh retorted. "Trust me, he does."

"Yes, I do," came a voice from behind.

Leigh spun around and met smoky grey eyes. And yes, there was still that same smirk playing across his lips. One punch and it'll vanish, Leigh thought gleefully. She then realized that he was too far away. He'll probably be able to block it anyway. She sighed inwardly. One thing that she would admit was that Ryan Woods was a way stronger person than her. Damn it…

"Stick to your own conversation, Woods," she said, almost wearily. "Who invited you?"

Ryan shrugged. "It's not my fault you were talking so loud. And by the way, I'm pleased to hear that you were talking about me. Really, I am. Lets me know that I'm in your mind." He wagged his eyebrows in what girls (except Leigh) would have considered a cute way.

Leigh glared at him. "Of course you're always in my mind. I'm always, always coming up with ways to torture you and kill you. Gets more creative every time."

Ryan shook his head and turned to Ethan. "You have one violent sister, man," he said amusedly.

Ethan shrugged. He looked bored. "They're empty threats. The worst she can do is give you a weak punch."

"Ethan!" Leigh whined. "You're supposed to be on my side."

Her brother looked bewildered. "I am?" he asked innocently.

Leigh groaned and turned back to the front. She ignored Ryan's (and a couple of other people's) snickers. Once again, she felt someone nudge her in the ribs. "Don't talk about that jerk. He can hear you," she muttered.

"Oh. Well…never mind then."

A piercing sound suddenly erupted throughout the auditorium. Everyone winced, and some covered their ears at such a horrendous noise.

"Testing, testing," someone said through the microphone. "Erm…sorry about that."

"Why the hell is Mr. Wilson here?" Cyan whispered, not really expecting an answer from Leigh. "This must be big."

Leigh nodded in agreement. "I know. He rarely visits the school."

The man on stage wearing a nice suit continued. "Good afternoon, juniors."

"Good afternoon," the audience greeted half-heartedly.

Mr. Wilson ignored their lack of enthusiasm. "Well, you must be wondering what this is all about," he said. "You are going to be the seniors of Redwood Academy next year, and as such, you are going to be role models to the younger students. Now, are you all familiar with Delson School?"

The moment the headmaster said this, there was a loud eruption of boos and hisses. Someone even yelled out, "D.S. sucks!" Many agreed wholeheartedly to that.

Mr. Wilson smiled wryly and said (after the students calmed down, which took quite a while), "I think you've just proven my next point. Redwood Academy has extreme rivalry with Delson School. And it has come to our attention that this 'friendly competition' is no longer friendly. Because of this, we have decided to do something about it." (insert dramatic pause) "You are going on a cruise."

After recovering from surprise, there was an explosion of cheers, hoots, and applause. Though the juniors did not know how this was related to Delson students, the word "cruise" was enough for them. Some of the girls squealed and jumped up, screaming, "Like I can't believe it! A cruise!"

There were some who did not join in the celebration, including Leigh. "There's a catch, dumbasses," she muttered. "Sit down."

The noise in the auditorium died down after a few more seconds. When everything was almost dead silent, Mr. Wilson smiled at the student body.

"Let me rephrase what I just said." He paused. "You are going on a cruise with the students from Delson."

"WHAT?!" people screamed. Noise broke out once again, only this time, it didn't sound too happy.

"I'm not going to socialize with any of those jerks!"

"I can't believe they're doing this to us!"

"Eww! Delson freaks!"

"I'm not going!"

"SILENCE!" Mr. Wilson called out with his loud, baritone voice. Everything quieted down instantly. The headmaster always had this strange power on everyone. He was the type who could make a student cower to a corner with one fierce glare.

"Good," he said, complimenting the silence. "Now, the soon-to-be seniors at Delson for next school year will be joining you in the cruise. There, you will be forced to socialize nicely with them. By the end of the cruise, I expect you to be friendly rivals. Should you decide not to partake on this little assignment, you will do a heavy load of seat work. I think a cruise sounds more appealing than that, don't you? Anyway, the cruise will take up one month of your summer vacation. The costs, things to bring, safety rules, and everything else will be discussed by your teachers. Good day."

He struttedout of the auditorium with a satisfied grin plastered on his face.


"I don't see what the big deal is about," Leigh said as the juniors filed out of the auditorium. (Many were muttering to themselves.)

"Me too," Cyan agreed. "I think you and I are the only ones who actually don't care. It's stupid rivalry."

"It's not stupid rivalry!" someone countered. He scowled. (Neither Leigh nor Cyan knew who he was.) "Delson students are pond scum."

Leigh rolled her eyes. "Come on," she said to Cyan, "let's get out of here."

"I think some of them are losing it," Cyan whispered as they avoided the crowd. "I mean, look at them talking to themselves."

"Yeah," Leigh said lazily, unaffected by it. "Welcome to R.A., right?"

Cyan smiled. "I'll see you later."

"Bye," Leigh said as she headed towards her Biology room. I hope we don't have enough time to write the test, she thought. Maybe I can stall by pretending I'm really upset about all this. I'm sure—

"Hey, Leigh!" shouted a small, squeaky voice.

Leigh groaned out loud. That voice was too familiar to her. Johnny Price. He had been clinging on to her ever since she saved him from Pike and his gang. He was a short, skinny, and mousy boy with big glasses and a crooked grin. He did not look like a junior. And he always, always followed her every chance he got. It was always: "Can I help you carry your bag, Leigh?" or "Hey, Leigh! Wait up! Did you hear about (blah blah blah)?" or "Leigh! Do you need help with your homework? Want me to help you study for a test?" or "Leigh! Where are you going? Can I come?" Sometimes she wished that she hadn't intervened with the bullying.

She picked up her pace, hoping that she could avoid Johnny. Unfortunately, she wasn't that lucky. He caught up in no time.

"Hi," he said breathlessly (a result from scurrying down the hall). It must have been some excursion, for he did have pretty short legs.

"Hey," Leigh said dully. She slowed her pace down because he looked like he was having a lot of trouble keeping up. She was mean, but not that mean. She didn't want him to have another asthma attack.

"Can you believe it, Leigh? We're actually going on a cruise! Are you going? Well, you should go because you'll be doing seat work if you don't! I don't like the idea of talking to Delson students though. I still can't forgive them for beating us at the Calculus competition back in December! It was because of that Gregory Smith! Hey, have you heard of him?"

"No," Leigh replied drearily.

"Really? Oh. Anyway, I suppose it won't be that bad. But some students are pretty upset. I am a bit, but not that much. I think the ones that are most upset are the jocks. They're really competitive, you know? So are you upset?"


"Oh that's good! There should be more people like you, you know. You're always so friendly. Oh hey! Which class are you going to now? Can I walk you there? I don't care if it's far away from mine. I'll just follow you, is that all right? Oh! What did you get in your test on Macbeth, by the way? I got a 95%, which isn't too bad, but I could have done better. No…I should have done better, damn it! My parents are going to be pretty disappointed. They have high expectations for me you know. I don't—"

"Go to class, Price," said a lazy, familiar voice from behind.

Leigh stopped and turned around. "Oh, it's you," she said unenthusiastically. "I don't have time, Woods."

"For once, I'm not trying to pick a fight, Davis. I'm just telling Price here to get lost."

Johnny puffed up. "For your information, I'm keeping Leigh company!" he said bravely, which was quite unnatural for him. (It was Ryan Woods, after all.)

Ryan rolled his eyes. He stepped forward and towered himself above Johnny, making himself even more intimidating. Leigh saw Johnny gulp and almost felt sorry for him. "Can't you see that's she doesn't want your company?" Ryan said impatiently.

Johnny blanched. "W-what?! Leigh loves my company! I'm a good friend to her! I always help her with stuff, and not once have I gotten mad at her!" He turned to the girl in question. "Tell him, Leigh."

Ryan smirked. "Yeah, Leigh. Tell him."

Leigh rolled her eyes. "I'm leaving. Both of you: don't follow me." She glared at Ryan. "Especially you."

She turned and left the two. For all she cared, they could bicker all day. Though she was kind of scared for Johnny's safety.


Cyan and Leigh were walking down the sidewalk, iced cappuccinos in hand. It was a nice day, the kind of day that made you wish that it was summer vacation already so that you could spend it outside, specifically at the beach. But unfortunately, like everyone said, "Two weeks left before freedom." That is, if you called a cruise full of Delson students "freedom." Leigh considered it to be. She felt no animosity towards the bunch. She actually looked forward to having new people to talk to.

"So," Cyan said as she fixed her navy blue skirt, "are you going?"

Leigh nodded. "Of course. I'd rather do that than seat work. They'll probably make us do a twenty-page essay or more. What about you?"

Cyan reddened. "Well…uh…I-I don't know…"

Leigh gave her a look. "Why not?" she demanded.

Cyan smiled sheepishly. "I don't know if my parents can afford it."

"Oh." Leigh mentally smacked herself. How could she forget that Cyan did not have the money like she did? Mr. and Mrs. Collinson were barely able to pay for the tuition fee. They were not as well off as Leigh's family. She felt stupid now. "I-I'm so sorry." She paused. "Hey…my parents can pay for it!"

Cyan reddened even more. Didn't Leigh know how she just made the situation even more embarrassing? It was like damn charity! "N-no…that's all right."

"No," Leigh insisted. "It would be an early graduation gift. You know how they look at you as a second daughter, right?"

Cyan shrugged helplessly. "Maybe."

Leigh smiled in satisfaction. Then she turned and looked around. Suddenly, panic crept up her face. "Oh no!" she cried softly. "Okay, hurry up. Walk faster." She quickened her pace.

Cyan frowned. She followed, though she didn't understand why. "What's up?" she asked quietly. She wondered at the same time what made her lower her voice.

"I can see Ryan's figure at a distance," Leigh hissed.

Cyan looked around her. "Where?"


Cyan looked to her friend's left. She saw a mere speck, though it was definitely someone's figure. "You're a freak, you know that?" she said, laughing lightly. "How do you know it's Ryan?"

"I can feel the sparks from here," Leigh replied dismissively.

Cyan grinned. "Sparks of attraction, eh?"

Leigh's eyes widened. "Sparks of hatred!" she corrected angrily.

Cyan burst out laughing. "Just kidding."


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