The Perfect State By C Shot

While it is open for debate which country in the world is the best... I personally think America is. However, I am bringing up the question, which republic in the United States of America is the best one? Of course when it comes down to it there are several factors that makes a place, the best place to reside in. Factors includes living conditions, enviorment, graduation rates, and so forth. I am out to prove that the great Republic of Minnesota is the greatest state of the fifty that are connected by a federal govrnment.

Like all things, variety is the spice of life and Minnesota has the weather to prove it. The average weather in January (the coldest month) drops to about 11 degrees F, while the average weather in July (the warmest month) is at 73 degrees F. Yet those are just averages, so you don't get to see the extremes of the beautiful Minnesotan weather. Minnesota's record low tempature is at a swim-able negative 60 degrees F and the, stay indoor because you're being BBQed alive, extreme heat is set at 114 degrees F. So no matter what, you'll eventually get the weather you like. This weather causes Minnesota to recieve an average of over four feet of snow every year, so snowboarding and skiing are always on the agenda.

While we're on the issue of varities let's check out Minnesota's brilliant topography. Southern Minnesota is home to the most northern part of the Great Plain and besides the Corn Belt, Southern Minnesota is home to a few blooming river valleys. To the north Minnesota has deep lakes, rocky ridges and a few more plains. Central Minnesota consists of rolling hills and and lake regions. Unlike popular belief, Minnesota isn't home of ten thousand lakes... it's home to fifteen thousand lakes. Can someone say, "Fishing?" These regions in Minnesota help produce one of the largest iron fields of America, as well as a giant timber industry, and many crap loads of farms.

Chances are, if you live in Minnesota, you own your home. Since three fourths of all Minnesotans own their houses. Thats almost ten percent higher than the national average. In fact graduation rates, bachelor degrees, income per household, income per person, women owned firms, and more are all above the national average. While people per square mile, people below poverty level and travel time to work are below national average. You can't argue statistics... unless the statistics come from Micheal Moore, which is besides the point.

Historically Minnesotans have been quick to strap on boots, grab a gun and defend America. In the Civil War, Minnesota was the first state to offer Abraham Lincoln troops... even though they were in the midst of an Indian uprising, that led to the Dakota Wars. In the battle of Gettysburg the 1st Minnesota regiment made it's world famous charge that 215 of it's 262 men ended up dead or wounded, a move which saved important lines from Wilcox's Alabama Brigade. During the course of the Civil War 21,982 Minnesotans out the total population of 250,099 Minnesotan residents answered the calll of a United America. The percentage is greater than any other Union state at the time. Once again Minnesota was the first state to volunteer troops to the presidents call during the Spanish-American War.

Minnesota is home to a few famous places and people. The Mayo Clinic is in Rochester, Mall of America is in Bloomington, and the source of the Mississippi River is at Lake Itasca. Bob Dylan, as well as the Artist formerly known as Prince, Josh Hartnett, Charles Schulz the creater of Peanuts, Laura Ingells Wilder and most importantly of all, Jesse "the body" Ventura are all Minnesota natives. C'mon, greatness is pouring out of the North Star state. By the way, do you like football? I bet you do, but not as much as one Minnesotan native: John Madden.

Alas, my essay is over. I encourage you to believe in the fullest potential of your state/country has to offer. However, until someone else can prove to me why their state is greater than Minnesota I don't think I'm going to accept anyone's claims that a different state is better than Minnesota. I am a statesmen, I believe in Minnesota and I think the federal government should get the hell out of Minnesota's business. Yet those are simply my opinion, after all, I am the Raging Minnesotan.





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