Before I get started on the new chapter, here's a response for LordK. LordK wrote:

'The idea of peace brought by religous tolerance is a theory that will never work in practice. Inevitably, peace between religions involves not attempting to convert, which is a fumdamental principal of Christianity that must be followed, and will be followed according to the Book of Revalation, which I firmly believe.'

It's possible LordK and I have different ideas of what 'peace' means. I do not believe that peace between religions necessarily means nobody trying to convert others. Let's have that quote again:

'"No peace among the nations without peace among the religions.

*No peace among religions without dialogue between the religions.*

No dialogue between the religions without investigation of the foundation of the religions." (www. religioustolerance. Org, Emphasis mine).

Peace between the religions doesn't mean not talking about your religion or trying to convert others, it just means not committing violence in the name of religion, or infringing on other people's rights to worship as they choose. You trying to convert me doesn't infringe on my rights, unless you try do it at gunpoint. Peace between religions doesn't mean not talking about our religions. On the contrary, I believe that discussing our beliefs is essential to peace between religions. Talking about your religion is a good thing, it gives me the opportunity to learn about your beliefs (though in the case of LordK and I it's a bit of a waste of time since I used to be a Christian myself), and you can also learn from listening to other people talk about theirs.

'And if laws are made concerning said religous tolerance, then Christians who are simply acting on their beliefs will be acting outside the boundaries of the law.'

I certainly wouldn't want to see it made illegal for Christians to preach Christianity.

'Also, evolution is a theory that is being purported as fact in the public school system. Those who say it is a fact are lying. Those who represent it as one of many viable options are not.'

My biology teacher just told us that the theory of evolution was on the syllabus and that we didn't have to agree with it but whether we agreed with it or not we would need to understand what it was about because it is part of current scientific thinking. I think that's fair enough.

'As I said before, religious tolerance is nice, but it's a dangerous game to play'

Whereas intolerance is not?

'. Many lives have been sacrificed in the name of peace. *gets a map and points to Iraq*'

What has been happening in Iraq is a *war*. That's generally considered to be the *opposite* of peace.