Mr. Hung looked again at the black leather-bound folder lying on the desk in front of him. The folder contained various papers and photographs, one of which was lying on top, apart from all the rest. It was a photograph of a blonde-haired young woman wearing a long sleeveless black dress. She was leaning against a black Mercedes and she had a sly smile on her face. She was tall and slender and the dress fit her perfectly. She was stunning, Suzuki had been right. Beautiful and intelligent, not a good combination. He smiled to himself. Not at all. A very dangerous combination, and if what Suzuki said was true, everything would go together beautifully. If she truly was…Toc. Toc. Toc.

A loud knocking on the door interrupted his thought and a petite, slender Japanese lady walked in and announced in a clear voice, "A young lady wishes to see you, Mr. Hung." He acknowledged her and she moved from the center of the doorway revealing a young lady, the same as in the picture. She was dressed elegantly but casual. Blue pants with a bit of flare on the bottom and a baby blue zip-up sweater. A golden chain lay around her neck adding to her golden hair. She had cut her hair since the photograph had been taken, it was now mid-neck and it made her look younger, more childish. As soon as she walked in, she looked around at her surroundings, her green eyes taking in every detail. His office was large and elegant. Bookshelves lined the left wall and the left wall was empty with only an ancient Japanese scroll hanging in the center. His desk was large and it was made of a dark red mahogany, and in the center of the room there was a low coffee table with several armchairs around it. In the center of the coffee table there was a tall vase with large red flowers. Her eyes rested on the Japanese scroll on the wall for a few minutes until Suzuki had left, closing the door behind with a soft bang. She turned her gaze upon Mr. Hung himself, again absorbing every detail. He was wearing a black buttoned suit shirt with a white tie. He had a slight hint of a mustache and his were grayish-blue giving his whole persona a warm and gentle aura. His hair was black and it was starting to gray. Her eyes traveled back to his eyes and they stared there for a few moments before Mr. Hung chuckled.

"Do not try, my dear, it will not work." He chuckled again as the girl's face flushed and she dropped her gaze. "Although I am impressed with your courage. Do sit down." She promptly did so and he noticed that the tips of her hair was a dark brown. Interesting.Then he noticed that her eyes were not completely green, the center was encircled by a ring of yellow. Very interesting.

"You wished to talk to me, Mr. Hung?" Her voice was clear.

"Yes, I did. Thank you for coming. You are to go on a mission." Her eyes widened and a look of disbelief shot through her eyes, however she soon recovered. "I am fully aware of the fact that you haven't completed all of the courses, you still have one more. Is that correct?" She nodded then quickly answered "Yes." "However, that does not matter, you shall complete your training at a later date. Now I am expecting three others, who shall also go on the mission together with you." She nodded showing she had understood. "You may or may not already know them. They are Rosalie, Scamander and Sirius. They should be arriving soon. You were quite early." He smiled.

"Yes, I do know them. Rosalie is my best friend and Sirius is a distant cousin of mine, but he is my closest relative. And Scamander is one of his closest friends."

"Very good." He noticed her eyes had darkened when she had uttered Scamander's name. "Do you accept the mission?"

"Well." She paused and cleared her throat. "I do not even know the details of the mission… if you forgive my boldness in saying so, however judging by the fact that you intend to assign four agents to this mission, it sounds perilous." She smiled a small smile. "However…" He interrupted her.

"You are quite right. Quite right. However, I shall explain the mission in detail when the others get here, which they should be arriving any minute now. I would like to ask you one thing first." He paused and she sat up straighter in her seat. "What is your code name?"

"Panthera" Perfect. Maybe Suzuki is right.

At that moment, the door opened and in entered Suzuki with a very excited reddish-brown haired girl behind her along with a calm silver-haired guy behind her.

What do you think? Again I have NO clue where I am going with this one. I had an idea and I had to write it down. Hope you like it!