"You were summoned here because you are very special people. You all have some incredible special talents and hidden abilities. The power which you possess is immense and if understood and used correctly can be limitless. Y-" A snigger came from Scamander's chair. "Yes. Scamander. You have something you wish to say?"

"Yes. What is so special about her?" He was pointing at Panthera. "How can we be sure of her? Who is she? What special powers can she possibly have?" He sneered. A wave of hurt passed over Panthera's face, but it quickly passed. Sirius and Rosalia looked shocked and speechless. Mr. Hung was very red in the face and he was about to scold Scamander, when an strong gust of wind burst the door open, knocked over several things in its path and sent papers flying. Some invisible force had lifted Scamander out of his chair, and he was dangling in mid-air.

"Do not EVER speak to my granddaughter like that AGAIN." A loud female, and very angry voice filled the room. Scamander's face had lost all color. "You INSOLENT, arrogant, PATHETIC EXCUSE for a man. Do you UNDERSTAND?" Scamander nodded dumbly.

"UNLESS you are a DONKEY, I suggest that you speak UP!" The voice sounded very impatient.

"Y-Yes. I- I d-Do."

"Good. Now apologize."

"I-I am sorry."

"Good." Scamander was tossed back into his chair and he sat there like a broken puppet.

"Grandmother?" Panthera nervously asked the silent room. At once, there materialized a shaft of red/orange light. It was like the flame of a candlestick and it was in the shape of an elderly lady, who had the warmest eyes and face. As soon as she had appeared the room felt warmer and cozier, just like it feels in Christmastime when you are sitting around the fireplace with hot cocoa on snowy morning.

"Yes, my dear." The voice was silky and full of warmth. The figure made of light, embraced Panthera, who was obviously struggling to keep her emotions under control. "You have become beautiful, just like your mother. Even more so. Hush. Do not cry."

The figure, Panthera's grandmother, wiped away some of the drops which had managed to escape from underneath Panthera's eyelids.

"I miss you so much." Panthera smiled weakly and recovered herself.

"I do too. But I haven't come only to see you, but also because I have a message for Mr. Hung and Suzuki." She released Panthera from the embrace and, standing beside her, addressed Mr. Hung and Suzuki. "The time has come. You know what is to be done about them." She indicated the four young people with a wave of her hand. " It is time for them to know their true power, for it shall be needed soon." Mr. Hung looked slightly crestfallen and a flicker of concern flashed through his eyes. However, he swiftly recovered himself and nodded solemnly. "That is not my most important message though." She looked at him and he nodded again and cleared his throat.

"Yes. Dinner should be served in five minutes. I would highly appreciate it, if you would all go to dinner. We leave tomorrow morning to training camp. Go now, please." Everyone nodded and slowly walked out the door, leaving the three adults in nervous silence.