I have always had my worries as long as I can remember. I first realized it when I was in elementary school and I had to go to the school shrink because I couldn't concentrate. The reason for this was because I thought every thing going through my head was something I was going to do. I got very hard and I actually got it fixed. But middle school just amplified things I worry about. Every day was another assignment to think about. You know how normal people have nightmares about falling off cliffs or something like that? Well my nightmares during school are about failing a test. By now, that I'm in my fourteenth year of existence on this planet, I have become my fears and their just part of me, like an extra portion of my brain. But now I worry about my boyfriend and whether I still like him, or whatever. It gets very hard to fight with yourself and still be normal. I know that I still like people, but then I tell myself that I don't, and I get confused. I don't know whether I'll be okay or that I'll spontaneously combust real soon. Who really ever knows? That's what makes life worth living.