The shock takes you first, disbelief
freezes your heart, and you cannot move.
You deny, say "It cannot be!"
and yet you know from the look on the other's face
that this news must be the truth.
The fist that grabs your heart right then squeezes
and doesn't let go until you have no life
left within you, just like the one you've lost.

It is painful to see their face, knowing that
no more will they talk, or laugh,
or smile or sing. And they look empty.
And you feel as if you are too, as if life doesn't
exist for you anymore, as if yours was taken
with theirs.

You listen to the others who don't understand,
who say they know how it feels, but they don't.
And you just want to scream "NO ONE KNOWS!
"I'm different! My pain is worse! I loved this person!"
But you don't, you hide your emotions, smile and nod,
shed a tear or two for good measure.

After, sometimes it catches you, while doing
ordinary everyday tasks, and that fist clenches
Around your heart, making it hard to breathe.
You'll never see this person again, never hear their voice,
never hold their hand, never kiss them goodnight.
And it's too hard, and so a wall is built,
cold stone, unbreakable, unmoving,
unfeeling, unlike the heart it surrounds.