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~Running away~

:I don't want you give it all up

and leave your own life collecting dust.

and I don't want you to feel sorry for me,

You never gave us the chance to be...

and I don't need you by my side

to tell me everything's alright.

I just wanted you to tell me the truth

you knew I'd do that for you:


My name was Keitaro Anzai, I was a 20 year old guy who has just had just broken up with his girlfriend

when i found out she was chesting on me with some other bastard. You can say I was pissed no I was

beyond pissed. She first said she wanted to break it off with me because I was always working late,

I told her it wasn't my fault; I tried to work hard so i could give her a great life. But all she said

was that she didn't give a care and wanted me to be with her.


:So why are you running away?

why are you running away?:


I then begged her to stay and that I would change, she agreed saying that I better spend more time with

her and I did. I had just returned home to find all the lights off and figuring she had gone to bed earily,

I dropped my coat off on the couch as I made our way to our to stop when the sounds of

moaning and always the sounds of another mans voice reached my ears. Clenching my fist I stormed

into the room to find MY girlfriend sleeping with another man in OUR bed both naked as the day

they were born, I heard them gasp when they saw me and tried to cover themselves up. "Keitaro this

isn't what it looks like" my girlfriend gasped as she jumped out of bed and ran over to me and

hugging me, "Get your dirty hands off me you backstabbing bitch!" I sneered as I pushed her away

from me. "But..." she started when i cut her off, " I said I would change for you, but what do you

do...YOU GO AND SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN IN OUR, NO MY BED!" I shouted at the top of my lungs causing

her to back down whimpering a bit.


: Cause I did enough to show you that I

was willing to give and sacrifice

and i was the one lifting you up

when you thought your life had had enough

and when I get close, you turn away

there's noting i can do or say

so now I need you to tell me the truth

you know I'd do that for you:


"Please forgive me Keitaro!" she begged with me as she fell to her knee's with tears in her eyes,

but I knew better then to fall for them. I turned my gaze to the man who the whole time got dressed

and was now looking at me with wide eyes, I clenched my fist even harder as I walked over to him and

punched him square in the face. "Get out!" I demanded as he covered his now bleeding face in his hands

and rushed out of the room hearing the front door open and close as he left. I then turned to my still

tear stained face supposed girlfriend who in return looked up at me fright clear in her eyes, she knew

I was angry. I had every right to be fucking angry at this woman, I gave up almost everything for her

and what does she do. She goes and fucks another man. Narrowing my eyes I walked back over to her and

pulled her up from the ground by her arm.


: So why are you running away?

So why are you running away?:


"Owwww Keitaro let me go your hurting me" She pleaded with me as she struggled to get out of my hold

I wasn't about to let her go just like that, I stormed over to her dresser and pulled out some of her

clothes and i threw them to her. "Get dressed NOW!" I ordered as she silently did as I told her, just

by her actions I knew she was to afraid to talk back at me. When she was done she stood and looked at me

"Keitaro I'm so sorry please forgive me please I beg of you" She begged again as tears started up, narrowing

me eyes even more I grabbed her arm again and dragged her from the room, "You think that I'll forgive fat

chance I was willing to do what you wanted me to I came home earily when you knew I would get in trouble

with my boss. But no that wasn't good enough for you wasn't it you had to go and bring another man here and

sleep with him, well sorry but you are getting no pitty from me bitch" I growled as i walked to the front door

and slammed it open and flowing her into the cold. "If I ever see you around her again I'll call the cops now

get!" I Scowled as I slammed the door shut, I could hear her bang on the door pleading with me to let her in

so we could talk as i went and sat in the living room and sat down on the couch with my head in my hands.


:Is it me, is it you

nothing that I can do

to make you change your mind

Is it me, is it you

nothing that I can do

is it a waist of time?:


So know here I was sitting on my couch at 1:00 in the morning, the bangs on my door had stopped an hour ago which

I was quiet happy about. But now I was sitting here in my own pitty asking myself why I was such a fool, I thought

that with her I would settle down and start a family. Then this happens, siging I took the ring from my pocket

remembering what I was going to aske her before I found her with that bastard. But I guess now all i had to do was

wait for another woman to come along hoping that she would be the one, sighing once again i got up and walked

out of the house and got in the car heading off in the direction of my sisters place. When i got there I told her

what happened and asked if I could stay the night, which she said i was welcome but she had a friend coming over.

I didn't mind just as long as I didn't have to go home for the night, a knock came to the door and i went to answer it

knowing it was my sister friend on the others side. And well you could say it was the end of my heartbreak and the

beginning of a new life.


: Is it me, is it you

nothing that I can do

to make you change you mind

so why are you running away?

why are you running away?

...what is it I've got to say...

so why are you running away?

...to have you admit your afraid...

why are you running away?:

************************************************THE END!*******************************************************

New Moon Dragon: well I hoped you like it. I for one think I did a great job, since I was having trouble at

first, thinking about what I should right since I really wanted to write a song fic to this story. the song is

called Running away by Hoobastank one of my fav. bands