Tasha Lyric Poem Nov. 29/00

Sugar Rush/Hyper
Electricity surging through your veins, tingling in your toes, and lingering in your fingers.
A sudden jolt of your feet and before you know it, your up and bounding around.
Adrenalin rushing from your brain into every inch of your body, pumping through your bloodstream.
Your eyes flicker open and close, keeping you aware but also shattering your images, giving the feeling of a strobe light.
You feel your vocal cords vibrating nonstop, words and letters forming jumbled sentences.
You laugh at the tiniest thing before rapidly switching subjects, leaving your companions in your wake dazed and confused.
A hint of sarcasm is in every sentence, but no one knows if it's supposed to be, not even yourself.
Your mind is racing, thoughts streaming by a mile a minute. The craziest things suddenly appear in your head, but who knows why?
You've run about for practically two hours straight, but your still bursting with energy.
You cannot sit still for more than five minutes. You need something to keep yourself occupied.
Your consciousness is too elaborate for normal, everyday entertainment so you search for something new, not necessarily smart decisions either.
The sugar is now submerging and letting go of your body. Down to earth you float, to survey your work and all the consequences of your previous condition.