Chapter Two

"Did you feel that?," said Isabella. The girls have been walking on the path for the last ten minutes when the temperature started to change. The temperature was in the high eighties, but now it felt like they were walking through ice. Suddenly, the temperature started heating up again. "It's was weird."

"Maybe we should turn-," Sarah was interrupted when they heard rustling noises coming from the tree tops above. It sounded like birds, when they fly onto a branch. Now, new voices could be heard, it sounded like people talking in a very squeaky like way. But, there were no people-only Isabella and Sarah. "Who's there?," said Sarah in a strong voice. Well, attempted.

"Shh," said a squeaky noise and all of the voices went hushed. "Who is there?" Then a bird flew down form the trees to land in front of the two girls. This was no ordinary bird. Oh no no, on the contrary. This bird was blue and was lager than a hawk. " young lovely maidens."

"Maidens?," said a dumbfounded Sarah, while looking at the blue bird. "Where are we and why are you blue?"

"You are in the Enchanted Forest young maiden, and for the reason that I am blue, is because I am a Rainbow Bird," it said squeakily. As if on cue, six other birds fly down. They were the color of the rainbow-red, violet, indigo, orange, green, and yellow.

"Rainbow birds?," said Isabella. My grandmother told me a story about them one time. They fly in the sky and make the rainbow and they also belong to the leprechaun.

"Do you know the way out of here?," asked Sarah.

"Yes, young maiden," said the green bird. "You must exit the forest."

"Really," said Sarah, voice filled with sarcasm.

"Yes," said the orange bird. "Ask the leprechaun." Then the birds started to sing. Four leaf clovers started growing all over the ground and a pot of ground popped out of nowhere. Isabella turned around and saw a carriage coming towards them. The carriage was painted the colors of the rainbow and had O'Malley's Leprechaun Service written on it.

"Hello girls, hello," said the leprechaun in his Irish accent. "Do you need any help?"

"Yes," said Isabella. "How do we get out of the forest?"

"Well, that's easy. You must exit it."

"No duh," said Sarah.

"Honestly," said the leprechaun in a serious tone, "you two young maidens shouldn't be out here alone. There are a lot of dangers-warriors, thieves, and other bad stuff."

"We can handle ourselves," said Sarah.

"Hopefully you can. Well, here is my card and call me when you need any help," said O'Malley while handing Isabella a card. He whistled and the birds flew into the carriage.

"Wait," said Isabella franticly. "How do we really get out of here?"

"Just follow the path," was all he said and the carriage disappeared.

"What should we do?," asked Isabella.

"Keep on the path," answered Sarah.

And off they went.