Chapter Eight

The sun was high up in the sky. I think it is the afternoon. They were riding in silence. Then a rumbling sound was heard. "I am so hungry," said Sarah. Litel went into a bag that was on the side of the saddle and brought out a big piece of bread for her.

"Thank you," she said and silence settled in again.

An hour or two passed, and Isabella asked one of the questions that have been running through her head all day. "Feylis, why did you attack the thieves?"

"They are thieves and murders and were wanted," he answered simply.

"What will you do with the survivors?"

"They will serve their time."

"I'm tired," said Sarah all of a sudden.

"When it is dark, we will rest," said Feylis.


"We will stop to rest here," said Feylis when the sun was down and it was completely dark. Everyone got off the horses and Sarah collapsed onto the ground.

"Ouch!," she said. "My legs hurt so badly."

"I guess we will make the fire here," said Litel.

Twenty minutes later, everyone was sitting around a fire that Feylis made by pointing a finger at the wood. Litel took of his helmet. Wow, is everyone here hot or what Isabella thought. He had blue eyes that sparkled in the fire light. His hair was long and braided like Feylis, but the color was blond.

Next, the knight, whose name Isabella hasn't heard yet, took off his helmet. His skin was a golden brown color, his hair was jet black (braided like the others), and he had dark brown eyes that looked deep and serious. Isabella looked away from them; she could feel heat rising on her cheeks.

As if Feylis noticed this, he said, "This is Tai." Tai nodded to both girls.

"You girls should get some sleep," said Tai. Tai and the other knights started to take off their amour. All three guys were wearing a loose white shirt with loose brown pants.

Isabella curled up on the ground. Sarah stretched onto her back. "Night Isabella," said Sarah and she closed her eyes.

"Night," said Isabella, closing her eyes, but sleep not coming as quickly as it did for Sarah. I can't sleep! She could hear the three knights talking in a different language. It feels like someone is watching me. Isabella slowly opened her eyes and saw that Tai was staring at her from across the fire with his dark brown eyes. They were just staring at each other until Litel coughed and both, as if they just noticed they were staring at each other, looked away.

"Yes, Isabella," Feylis whispered.

"I can't sleep," she whispered back. "I have so many questions I want to ask."

"I will try to answer a few."

"Okay. You said you are the royal knights of the Night Kingdom." Feylis nodded. "Why is it called the Night Kingdom?"

"I thought the name would give it away. It is called that because hardly any sunlight is there."

Grandma is there are two kingdoms. She said it is called the Light Kingdom. "There are two kingdoms in all. It's called the Light Kingdom. So, I suppose it hardly gets dark there."

Feylis raised his eyebrow, but didn't say anything. He just nodded.

"Who are the rulers?"

Instead of Feylis answering, it was Tai. "The ruler and the family are mortals in the Night Kingdom."

"The royal family has black wings," added in Litel.

"The ruler in Light Kingdom is-"

"Immortal," said Isabella before Tai could.


Isabella was about to ask another question, but Feylis said that she should get to sleep. "Again we have a long ride tomorrow. Ask when we are riding. We will reach the Night Kingdom in the evening."

Isabella slowly closed her eyes, and reluctant sleep finally came.