Chapter Nine

Isabella was awakened by someone lightly shaking her. It was Feylis. "What time is it?," Isabella said sleepily.

"Its dawn," replied Feylis, fully awake.

"Dawn!," Isabella heard Sarah say. "It's to god damn early to wake up."

"I said we had a long journey ahead," said Feylis. "Hurry and get up."

It took Isabella and Sarah ten more minutes before they got up from lying down on the ground. All three men were fully awake and talking among themselves. Litel gave both girls a piece of bread to eat for breakfast.

"Bread again," said Sarah. "Is there a Denny's or something?"

"Denny's," said Litel, with a puzzled look.

"Never mind," said Sarah.

When they were finished eating, they went on the horses and rode off. Isabella could hardly keep her eyes open. Somewhere along the way she fell asleep against Feylis's back, falling into a dream.

She was walking across a brick floor, her long dress slowing her down. She entered into a place that looked like a garden. Someone was standing, facing away from her, near a fountain. She stopped walking, a few feet away from the person. "Times are tough," said the person in a deep voice, still not facing her. The voice belonged to a man's. He was speaking the language Feylis and the others speak. How can I understand it? He continued. "But you will get through it with your friends. An event will come and change you. I loved her, but she didn't want to stay with me. She didn't belong here. What will you do when this situation happens to you?"

"I don't understand," said Isabella in English. "How can I understand you?"

"I am sorry," he said. The water that was running in the fountain turned from crystal blue to a deep red-blood. He started turning around.

Isabella jerked awake. "What the-."

"Sorry," said Feylis.

Isabella looked around and they were still in the forest. Through the treetops, she could see the sun high up in the sky. What just happened? Who was that man? I didn't even get to see his face. What was he talking about? An event will change me.

"You were asleep for a while," said Sarah, breaking her train of thoughts. "I was worried. Your breathing slowed down. Are you okay?"

"Yeah," said Isabella, very unsure.

For some reason she looked at Tai. He was looking back at her. Concern filled his dark brown eyes.

"When you were asleep, I asked Feylis how he did that fire thing with his finger. He said him and other people have different talents-magic if you want to call it-they can perform," continued Sarah casually.

"We are almost there," said Feylis.

"I thought you said we were going to get there in the evening," said Isabella.

"We expected to run into some trouble," said Litel.

About ten minutes later, "We are here," said Tai.

The horses came to a stop on the top of a hill. When Isabella looked down, she saw a valley that had different building all over the place. Farther down, there was a huge beautiful castle.

"Let's go," said Feylis and they started riding down the hill to the place called Night Kingdom.