A/N: dunno. Really. I dunno.

Untitled (again)

fuck the colors they're all gone
black and white I see this dawn
I hold my breath I wipe my eyes
I smear away at my disguise
I am exposed for what I am
a lost and confused happy-less scam
I fooled you all I'm fucking dead
I put my own bullet in my head
why? I really don't know why
if I knew who I was I'd give it a try
why am I the way I am
should I be loved am I damned
leave me here to rot alone
my words are sour my hearts grown cold
there goes my last shred of hope
gone like a mirage in a puff of smoke
when will this bleeding ever end
just one more verse my little friend
fuck you god for this volatile mind
now I'm dying, no, dead, 'cause no one could find