Did you know this would happen?
I would have said no, never.

Life is great and I couldn't be happier.
I Know we will spend eternity together forever.

I can see us dying.
Traveling, yes were flying.

Can't you see us dying?

Its not a bad time
dying with each other.

We are one now and we will be always.

What's this?
can't you hear me crying
My spirit is crying oh how bad it wants to go.
How could you do this
why would show me all your love is just a sign your good at lying.

No way
we are no longer flying
we are falling
I cliff smashing in my face
Or a tiger's claws mauling my face
Don't say it
No I don't want to hear it
No I don't want to hurt

Now it over
history repeats itself you're a fucking liar
I wish i could hate you
I still see me dying
but i will always love you
even if were not together

The pain is always there
It wont leave me alone
Life is going to go on
I'm going to grow up besides years but in wisdom.
You should come along too
Love is so simple you really need to grow up act your age
Don't forget to learn
So you don't leave people wishing they were dying.
Alone in the dark in crying.