*** Elea

I throw my latest attempt into the trash can, fighting back tears. Nothing comes out the way I want. I need something that might, just might, catch the attention of the judges.. I stare out the window at the deep night sky. Clouds scud across the sky scape, obscuring the moon. My eyes fill with tears. I need something... anything. Then I have a thought, words came to my head. I write it down quickly before it can vanish, then stare at the stark lines swimming on the page before my eyes. It's the best I can do.

*** Freya

I take refuge in my room from the screams of my parents, back and forth, back and forth. They're always screaming at each other. I sit down, and decide to start that stupid story I have to write for English. Might as well. God forbid I actually win this competition; my friends would kill me. But then, who cares? I'd be far from here. I type at top speed, hoping like hell that this would work out.

A week later

*** Elea

"Girls, I want your finished works submitted to me by the end of the lesson. I will be sending them in to the competition board tomorrow," I hear the English teacher say, but I'm not really listening. I'm feverishly running over my poem in my mind, over and over, checking for mistakes, problems, anything. This competition means the world to me. Freya looks a little worried too, or is it just my imagination? I've glimpsed the stories the others have written, and they're all utter trash, along with the poems with resemble "The cat sat on the mat" and things like that. No competition there. What about Freya? But then, I've never seen her display a talent for anything useful, she's no problem.


I sit at the desk, eyes down upon the paper in my hands. I try my best not to look worried. I was up all night working on this, and I was sure it was brilliant, but now I am not so sure. I look at Elea, at the scared but confident look on her face. The rest of the class aren't fussed in the least about this competition, lounging in their seats as always. I wish I shared their views.

AN: Yes, I know It's short, but I'm having to edit the original thing cause of a huge plot hole, so yeah. That's my excuse. Please rr!