"Till the End"

I sat by you on this cold night,
This night of pain and grief,
No stars are in sight,
To give hope to this plight,
And I knew this moment would be brief.

I had looked around the battlefield,
And sighed at all the blood that was spilled.
Warriors lay still all around me,
That they were all dead was plain to see.

I had looked around for my companion and friend,
We had promised to be by each other,
So that each other we could defend,
But we must have split up when the war became grim,
For now I could not find him.

But then I heard a whisper of my name,
And I looked at the person from whence it came,
And I was solaced when I saw it was you,
But when I saw what you had been through,
Dismayed and forlorn I became,
For I knew death had one more to claim.

Sat I sat by you and clutched your hand,
And you gave me a smile so weak,
That in my grief I could not speak.
Tears brimmed in my eyes.
Why hadn't I been there to help you?
Why didn't I protect you?
It was my promise, my pledge,
I should have saved you from the blade's edge.
But I couldn't, I failed,
My own promise I could not keep,
So now this rigorous consequence,
We both must now reap.

But you cannot go,
You cannot leave me here,
Death you must defy,
To life you must adhere.
I cannot just let you go,
So a last promise to you I bestow,
That I will be with you to the very end,
With death, for your life I will contend.

So I held your hand ever so tightly,
Trying to grasp the life within,
Do not let go, not even slightly,
For I need you, my friend and my kin,
I looked into your eyes that held no hope,
Save the fragile light therein,
Do not let go, do not make me grope,
For your delicate life within.

I held your hand, the hand of my friend,
The one close to my heart,
And I will be with you till the very end,
But do not let go now, do not depart,
Do not let this be your death,
Take not your last breath.
It was never meant to end like this,
You cannot succumb to death's bitter kiss.

But I feel your grip weaken,
I see you grow pale,
And I saw that our clasp was to no avail.
The light in your eyes began to wane,
And I helplessly watched until none remained.
Until I was alone.
By myself.
So I let go of your hand, the hand of my friend,
The one that I lost at the very end.

Author's note: I posted this awhile ago, but then I lost it, so now I retyped it, and here it is! It's kinda angsty, I was trying to get into how someone feels when they lose a loved one through war. But anyway, hope you all liked it! Oh, and as always,
please review! Arigato!