I need space
I need my own space
A place of my own
A place where I can relax
Where I can b alone

My room isn't an option
I share it with 2 sis
Sometimes it feels crowded
My own room's what I wish

Sumtimes there is no one in the room
But still it doesn't feel right
Maybe if I felt it was only mine
And no one else in the room at nite

Many ppl may feel like me
There house as crowded as can be

No place for them to do what pleases them
Without someone that comes and sneaks on them

For all of those only childs
Try to imagine how I feel
It is not so easy now
Lemme tell you how I try to deal

For one thing I try locking the door
But that increases the noise even more

It creats more noise?
You ask how?
They wanna get in
So they knock so loud

C if I had my own room
They'd have no reason to come in
I would never b disturbed
I would finally win