Thers nuthin like.
Thers nuthin like jumpin n 2 mid-air 2 dunk that basketball into the net
Thers nuthin like soarin low to save that volleyball from hittin tha sand
Thers nuthin like ridin down the steepest hill on your new bike so steady
that it's like your flyin
Thers nuthiin like seeing the baseball you hit fly over the 6-foot fence
Thers nuthin like watchin the soccer ball you kicked soar into the net as
the goalie barely misses it
Thers nuthi like makin a fool ov your self as you miss tha last shot ov the
game becuz you attempted to how off your "skills" by attempting to score a
half-point shot
Thers nuthin like missin tha dive 4 tha volley ball n instead getting a
mouthful ov sand
Thers nuthin like watchin all your friends ridin ther bikes down tha hill
as you sit on tha front porch next to your old flat-tired bike
Thers nuthin like watchin in out-fielder catchin a ball you thot was gunna
b a home run for sure
Thers nuthin like watchin tha soccer ball you kicked b easily cot by tha
goalie that never catche elses balls

Thers nuthin like.