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Now, on the story! Plot, basically: Our Liverpool Lads are out looking for food and birds and gigs and birds and food. And birds. Chapter One: The evil hamburger of death.


John, Paul, George, and (guess who!) Ringo, are jaunting around Liverpool on an absolutely perfect (meaning less rainy then usual) English day.

George: What a lovely day, mates!

Paul: Och aye, George, right you are. It's dandy.

Ringo: It'd be even more dandy if I could get me some fish and chips. I'm awful hungry, fellows.

John: Oh, Rings, yer always stuffin' yer bloody gob. I'd be chuffed if you weren't.

Ringo: (With dignity) Me gob likes to stuff. Can I help that?

John: (sighing) I suppose not. All right, chums, let's find a place for Ringo to eat.

Paul: Come on, John! We've got places to see, people to do -

John: That's all you can think about at a time like this?! Birds?! When poor, poor, helpless, defenseless, wee little Ringo's bellies grumblin' to high heavens? I should leave you, I should.

Paul: Ah, John, don't do that. I'm sorry, Ringo.

Ringo: Right you should be.

(The boys stop in front of a dubious looking diner)

George: (Sarcastic) Ah, just the place to get some eats! I bet they catch the rats themselves and cook 'em right there for ye, with a side o' cockroaches.

John: Oh, off with it, George. Maybe the grub's decent.

George: Maybe it ain't.

John: Maybe it is.

George: Maybe it ain't.

John: Maybe I shove one o' yer rats and cockroach specials down yer bloody gob, Mr. George.

George: To the diner.

Ringo: Tally ho!

(Our hunky heroes enter the diner)

John: See, not bad at all, is it.

(A rat scurries across the floor in front of them.)

Paul: Oh dear.

Ringo: I don't know if I be this hungry, lads. Perhaps -

John: (Irritated) Are ye bloody hungry or not, Ringo?!

Ringo: I am.

John: Do you want to eat yer fish and chips?!

Ringo: I do.

John: You what?!

Ringo: I do.

John: With feeling!

Ringo: I DO!

George: I now pronounce you man and wife, now let's get us some grub.

John: Right on. That's the spirit, George.

(The fellows saunter over to the counter, where a butch waitress is smoking dully)

Waitress: Hello.

Paul: Hello, luv! Be a dear and get us some fish and chips, then!

Waitress: We don't have fish and chips.

Ringo: (Alarmed) No fish and chips? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO, I ASK YOU? I NEED ME LUNCH, JOHN!

John: No, all ye need is love. Lunch is just a perky little benefit, chum.

George: What do ye have?

Waitress: Hamburgers.

George: Hamburgers? Ham? As in wee little piggies? That you kill?

John: (Humming) See how they run like pigs from a gun see how they fly.

Waitress: Here are some menus. (She forks 'em over)

Ringo: (Reading them) Ooo! I'd like the number three!

Waitress: With cheese?

Ringo: Please, cheese three, oh yeah, my darlin'.

John: I need me bloody harmonica, I do.

Paul: Get it after we eat.

(The waitress goes back to the kitchen, returning with four evil looking little burgers)

Waitress: Eat up.

Paul: It doesn't look edible.

John: Ringo?

Ringo: George, pass me the salt. It'll get down with a little help from my salt.

(Rim shot!)

(The others watch while Ringo salts his burger, and prepares to take a bite)

George: (Tearfully) He's such a brave little soldier.

John: I'll give him that, the little bugger's got guts.

(Ringo bites, swished the mouthful around, and tries to swallow. Emphasis on 'tires'.)

Ringo: Hack hack hack! COUGH! COUGH! GAG!

Paul: Oh no! Ringo's choking! Oh, why did we make him eat that burger?! I feel like a fool by the grill!

(I really need to get a new hobby)

John: We have to save him! Imagine a world with no Ringo!

Paul: With a little luck, perhaps we can save him!

George: (Sighing in disgust at the author's campiness) My sweet lord.

(George grabs Ringo around the middle and gives a mighty jolt. The offending meat pops out of Ringo's mouth and onto the floor.)

Ringo: Heave off, George! I love ye too, but there are things I can not do.

Paul: Hooray! Ringo lives!

Ringo: Thank ye, George, fer savin' me from that evil hamburger. I'll stick to me fish and chips from now on, they're far more digestable.

John: Good thing ye don't depend on yer pipes for a livin' mate. Let's abandon these burgers and find us some real food.

(The fellows head off)


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