::Chapter 2-The Beginning of Hate ::

"Good going, you giant oaf!" Minuette was shouting up at her captor, craning her neck. She only stood at 5'3" and he stood at about 7'5". They had been riding all day and she was positive she'd seen the swamp they were stopped at three times earlier in the day.

"Oh, woman, what did I do to you now?!" he shouted back. On top of leading the strange parade he was unfamiliar with the part of the labyrinth they were stopped at and his pretty little prisoner was coming at him again with more shouting.

"You've gotten us lost in this muck!" Minuette stared down at her feet that were an two inches deep in the muddy swamp waters. The pathway they were following had been sunken below the waters for ages.

"Oh me? I did it? Well your HIGHNESS, what do you suggest we do?" He was growing tired of her. He preferred his master had sent for him to assasinate her rather than drag his men with him on a wild goose chase to catch her and then trudge through the labyrinth to bring her to him.

"I SUGGEST we get out of here and find a campsite for the night!" Minuette trudged off in a huff as fast as she could without falling in the swamp. He glared at her back and silently hoped she would trip and fall on her pretty little face. Meanwhile, he sent a few men out to find a good campsite.


Minuette wished she had a watch to tell her what time it looked out of her thatched-hut window at the full moon. Something dawned on her that she hadn't noticed before. She didn't feel the growing urge to feed the longer it was since the last she had fed. The last she had fed...nearly a month ago. 'Dameon...' she thought. Was it possible? Was she wishing the one man she absolutely hated more than any in the world? He was better looking than her captor by far. 'And his accent...' No she couldn't be thinking this. 'Remember why you hate him?' she thought to herself.

But with Dameon came her world. Her home. She turned away from the moon and lay on her side on her bed pallet. She had to figure out a way to get back.