Blind Lust and Raw emotion

Joe drove at breakneck speed down the Princess Highway. His Mercedes SLK 320 hit 320km/h until the engine hit the maximum RPM. He was completely unaware of the incredible sound his car made; Joe could only hear the blaring sirens of a fleet of police chasing him. He was heading south and wasn't far from where he was going. In the back of the car a man, 23 the same age as him was tied up and gagged with Gaffer tape. Joe continued on as fast as he could, not looking back. The man in the back was Andrew Bowden, the circumstances leading up to this moment were quite the usual 'he cheated with my girlfriend' except for one aspect. Joe's girlfriend was unaware that it was Andrew instead of Joe when they had sex together about three hours prior to now. This was because she was blind, and Andrew's voice was uncannily similar to Joe's, Andrew also had the same build and his face was lined with the same contours in the same pattern. This strange occurrence would be extremely rare, if there wasn't a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. The truth was they were twin brothers, you could say Andrew was the evil twin.

Joe lifted his foot a touch off the accelerator as they neared their destination. The car seemed to appreciate this as the sound of the engine settled. As Joe approached the driveway the gates automatically swung open, and as if aware of the Joe's unwanted company, the gates swung shut as the police tried desperately to enter the premises. The gates closed in time, but too early for the cops, the leading police car screeching in a futile attempt to stop. But the car smashed into the gate all the same. The advanced technology of the gate system would have made it difficult for the cops to enter, but they would have been able to get in, in two hours of so. The car mounted and dented the gate, the gate then as if extremely angry at the car, was now jammed and wasn't going to be moved without some serious machinery. Joe's Merc cruised into the garage, the door closed behind it and they were well and truly blocked from the police.

Joe stepped out of the car with adrenaline fueling his every move. He went to the back door and opened it. Andrew cowered on the other side of the car.

"Come on, I'm gonna get ya anyway" Joe grunted with frustration before diving into the car in desperate snatch to grab his twin. In Andrew's last burst of resistance, he kicked and flailed his legs uncontrollably and in the end scored a direct hit to Joe's jaw, blood and teeth spraying everywhere. Joe retreated out of the car to nurse his jaw and feel around inside his mouth for the damage. Two missing teeth at the front, and he now looked like a southern American hillbilly. His shock then turned quickly to anger, and he grabbed the top of the doorway to the car, swinging like a chimpanzee with legs like a battering ram. Smack! He got one back, they traded blows and Andrew's mouth received some unwanted dental work. Andrew again cowered against the far side of the car, but with nowhere to go. Joe finally got hold of his foot and dragged him out of the car with little concern for his brother's welfare.

The two entered the main part of the house with Andrew well and truly restrained by his infuriated brother. Joe took a look out the front of the house through the closest window he could find. The cops stood around like the way all government workers do. They must have been waiting for a crane to come and remove the ruined police car and give them access to Joe's house. Joe shrugged the cops off and made his way with Andrew up the stairs to his bedroom. With emotion ruling his initial moves when he discovered his brother and his girlfriend at it hammer and tong, he hadn't thought much about what he would do once he had his brother captive in his house. He didn't know whether killing his brother was too drastic but what did he care; he wasn't having the most exiting life. If he got locked up in some prison, he might write a book or something like that and become famous. The makeshift handcuffs of rope had held back Andrews defence since Joe had dragged him out of the bedroom, and the handcuffs now burned Andrew's wrists, but Joe didn't care as he pushed him towards his bedroom with impatience.

He entered his bedroom and threw Andrew on the bed and grabbed a couple of belts to tie his legs to the bed. The makeshift handcuffs kept him from moving his hands. Joe walked out onto the balcony and watched the cops stand around as they had when he last checked on them. They stood about a perfect distance. Joe went to his wardrobe and conveniently grabbed an automatic rifle. Money could get you everything these days except for respect and loyalty. He went back to the balcony, looked at the pathetic cops and popped some random shots at them, just to scare them. The reaction Joe got was pleasing.

The cops scrambled. They all jumped behind their cars. They might have pulled their weapons out but Joe couldn't see from where he was. Now that he had got their attention completely, he went back to the bed where his twin pointlessly squirmed. Joe untied the ties on his legs, grabbed him by an arm and dragged him to the balcony. Andrew didn't struggle, but he didn't help. He just went limp, leaving Joe to do all the work, probably a bad idea though. Joe's fury was building up to the heights when he initially caught his brother doing the unthinkable. The time when the emotion pulled his puppet strings to put him in the position he was at this moment. He tugged on his twin's body, dragging it like it was already dead. When he got to the balcony, he looked back over at the cops; they still were perched in their previous stance.

"Give yourself up" A megaphone screamed from the cops direction "Don't make this difficult for everyone"

Joe shrugged it off. You saw this sort of thing in the movies all the time, and they never gave up "Fuck off!" He screamed back, whether they heard him or not. He picked the rifle back up; this time he used the scope. He pinpointed the megaphone, pulled the trigger without an ounce of regret. The megaphone sparked and flew out of cop's hand.

He looked back down at his twin, and soaked in the fear that radiated out of his eyes. The gaffer tape held in the screams, but he was screaming inside. He had no mercy for the bastard, he was his brother and he did what he did. That was inexcusable. Wishing to reap as much fear out of him as possible, Joe grabbed the end of the gaffer and ripped it, really hard.

"Fuckin' bastard!" Andrew screamed at him, from both the gaffer tape and the current situation. "Fuckin' let me go. Isn't this a bit much!"

Without a word Joe grabbed his neck and hoisted him up, and half-hung him over the porch barricade. He pressed his body against it. Then he finally said something, which was barely audible. "You're the fuckin' bastard, look what you've fuckin' done" He held back tears, he held back the emotion from taking it more out of control then it was at the moment.

Andrew was choosing his words carefully or not saying anything at all. Otherwise Joe would crack that little bit too far, and there would be no time to think back on anything. Andrew now also fought back tears, and spoke with a sobbing and also barely audible voice. "I didn't mean it, if I could take it back I would"

"It's fuckin' a bit late for that, aint it" Joe paused waiting for a reply, but with nothing helpful to say he shut his mouth. "Aint it!" Joe was getting closer and closer to going over the edge of sanity.

Andrew cracked before he did. "You fuckin' deserved it! You fuckin' got it good, try livin' like me then you'll see who's got it bad" A moment after those words left Andrew's lips he would've gave anything to take them back, like he'd give anything to take back what he had done wrong.

Joe snapped, finally. He kneed him in the back, Andrew jerked backwards, screaming in agony, both mentally and physically. Joe dashed back to his wardrobe and grabbed some chains. They were thick and heavy. Joe lugged them back to the porch, almost identical to the journey before, when he lugged his twin to the spot where he lay twisting on the floor. Balling his emotions and his sanity out of his head, because he wouldn't have any left soon. No more human feelings to feel.

Andrew stared back up at Joe; his blank expression convinced him that he was not going to care about anything he said. But Andrew couldn't help himself, with his last scrap of hope latched onto his last scrap of dignity, Andrew thrust himself at Joe's ankle and held on, screaming.

"What about the family, the family, I'm your brother!" Andrew's screams went unanswered. "Stop and think about what your doing, don't do something you will regret. Please Joe! Please!" But Joe didn't care, or didn't have the capacity to care at this time. He was now in a high emotional state, with no logical thought in his head, it was just raw emotion. He clutched the chains and wrapped it around Andrew's neck. He struggled, but Joe just kicked him in the ribs. Andrew was now hurled over nursing his ribs, whilst the chain held him upright.

"Get up!" Joe screamed, his voice almost automatic. Andrew couldn't move. "Get up!" He screamed again.

"I can't!"

"Get up!" Joe then pulled him up, by the chain. Andrew choked and screamed at the same time, and then Joe pushed him back over the barricade, but only halfway. "Got any last words" Joe did have one last piece of human compassion for his brother.

"You're my brother, please!" Andrew pleaded like there was no tomorrow and that was the truth. But Joe couldn't wait for his pleading. With one swift move Joe hurled Andrews legs over the barricade and let him drop down. Andrew desperately held onto the chains, trying to lift his head up so he could breath.

"You're not my fuckin' brother" Joe yanked the chains and heard the crack of Andrew's neck, and yanked again to here it one last time before looking up.

The cops had bashed through the gate, Joe hadn't noticed what was going on in the background. They stormed in, but it was too late to stop Joe's emotion driving him to take the life of his brother. What happened next didn't matter; he was probably going to jail. He sat on his bed, tears streaming down his cheeks. He waited for the cops to come up the stairs and take him away.

"I think I'll write about love" He said to himself "No a book about lust"