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"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The wide eyes of three, very scared, looking men followed the procession of their fellow bandmate. The three men exchanged glances praying to the higher power, that their quite weird basest didn't draw the attention of their quite controlling frountman. Or they would be short a bassist again.

Their bassist seemed to settle down for the time being. He started bouncing up and down. He seemed to spot what he wanted, and in a flash he was on their bald guitarist's lap. He put both his hands on the top of the bald man's head, and started rubbing.

"Your head is very shin-ey! Your head is very shin-ey!" He sang in a mock conga. Moving Billy's head to the beat. Then removing his hand from Billy's head he pulled up, his shirt and rubbed Billy's belly.

"I am rubbing skinny Bahudda!" He shrieked before jumping off Billy's lap. To resume his running. He put his hands in the are. "WEE!"

Billy looked at his band mates. Josh raised his arms in a sign of defeat. James looked at Billy and cleared his throat.

"Maybe telling Jeordie to find something to entertain himself wasn't that great an idea." He looked at Jeordie who was still running around the bus.

"And Mayb-" His thought was cut off by Jeordie's voice took over and consumed the bus. "I'm runnin' I'm runnin' I'm runnin' I'm runnin' I'm runnin'! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm NAKED!" The three males sitting at the table to stare at Jeordie. As a very exhausted, very angry Maynard stormed out of the back of the bus. He looked around. Until the very hyperactive Jeordie ran smack into his chest.

"Who ruined my Cheerleading of ballet?" Jeordie asked. and now four males looked at each other in confusion at one another. Maynard's confusion was soon ebbed off as the sleep-deprived anger set in.

"Jeordie. . ."He growled at the bassist who seemed to decide that he had dirt on his pants. He looked up at Maynard, confused.

"Yes, My wubbly sex muffin?" That caught the men off guard. They all stared at Jeordie wide-eyed. Maynard opened his mouth slightly. He seemed dumbfounded by Jeordie's nickname for him.

"May, you should grow your hair out, so when were fucking I can hold on tight." More stares awarded from those words. Jeordie took the opportunity to Lick James's cheek. "You taste like. . .WHISKEY! HEHE!" Jeordie screamed triumphantly then ran behind Maynard, and jumped on his back.

"LEAD ME TO THE DUCK MY WUBBLY!" Maynard found words then.

"Jeordie Get o-" He gasped as Jeordie kicked his sides, temporarily knocking him out of breath.

"I said DUCK wubbly!" Maynard looked at Jeordie then glared at his bandmates. He grabbed Jeordie's legs who happily hummed the US Air forces song.

"When we agreed on him. We said Jeordie not Twiggy right?" The three men nodded. "Then why is his being his old self?" Maynard growled at them. A loud smack was heard. Maynard's face grew livid. Jeordie moved his hand back around Maynards neck

"I SAID I WANT MY DUCK! We have to find him or. . . "Jeordie trailed off. and James braved a word.

"Or, what?" He said.

"He'll Die!" Jeordie whispered sounding serious. Billy and Josh stared at one another. "Please you have to help me find him. his name is Puck and he is just the cutest rubber duck." Josh fell over, twitching all this concern over a damn rubber duck?

"PLEASE!" He begged his bandmates tears welling up in his eyes. Billy and James sighed and nodded. They didn't want to see Jeordie cry. Especially like this, it would probably make there ears bleed.

Josh sat up and decided to humor there new bassist. "Fine" He said. Jeordie leapt off Maynard's back and on to Josh's lap.

"You love me, you really love me!"

Maynard sighed and walked ut of the bus and into his car. Dear god this was going to be one long night.

More will come!