A/N: yez, I am back again. Fear me! This chapter is dedicated to the Beavers. yea the beavers, and Nessa and Richard for being my best friends and reading the story.

Finally after they had gotten Jeordie to calm down and sit with his seat belt on, they got him to play with his toys. Maynard was finally able to get at least a 30 minute nap. Jeordie had instructed, Billy to drive to the Park, on West Point Boulevard. Jeordie claimed that was where his duck liked to swim.

Billy tried not to yawn, but this night was becoming more of a misadventure the longer they were out, and they had a concert the next day, they all needed sleep. Billy, groaned as he turned into the park, he knew Jeordie was getting hyper again. Maybe they could blame him dyi- now he was thinking like Josh.

"Bahudda, I love you." Jeordie looked Billy straight in the eyes when he said that, before leaning upon Billy's shoulder. Billy thought Jeordie had finally calmed down, He was the only one awake now. James and Josh had fallen asleep during the ride here.

Jeordie ran toward the lake with his arms open like he was an airplane. Billy leaned back against the fender of the car letting his body slid down.

" TRAMPOLINE! TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP, PO LEAN!" Billy's eyes opened wearily, He rubbed his eyes. SHIT! he had fallen asleep. Jeordie was on the hood of the car bouncing up and down like it was a trampoline. He quickly stood up noticing a scared James trying to coax a giddy Jeordie off the car. Josh was waking up. and Maynard. . Maynard? Maynard was on the hood of the car trying to restrain a wet, giddy Jeordie. How long had he slept? Oh god.

"Nard! lemmego! It's a trampoline! we bounce. see." Jeordie attempted to lift Maynard up and was quickly put off by the idea when Maynard picked Jeordie up and got off the car. throwing him on the ground. James fliched as Jeordies head crunched on the gravel.

"Jeordie, why are you wet?" Maynard ask, holding Jeordie, who Billy guessed was wet.

"I went swimming with the mongooses! And one bit me. Jeordie showed Maynard a gash in his left arm, which probably wasn't that deep, judging by Maynard's reaction.

"Billy will clean that up for you Jeordie." Jeordie nodded, and sat up.

I looked at Maynard with a sorry look. "I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"Do it again and I'll kill you, Billy nodded glumly and walked up to Jeordie to clean out his cut.

"WILLLYYYY" Billy looked over at Jeordie wide eyed.

"Umm. . . . Let me clean that out." Billy anticipticed it.

"Jeordie was he th-th erree?" James yawned out,

"Nope. I don't know where my puck is. .. . Puck!" Jeordie looked truly worried. James had to admit, this was a wild goose er. . . rubber duck chase. It was probably on the bus in his bunk, safe and secure. "James. Im sorry I dounnoo where he is. . .but I bought you a gift from the mart of K. . ."

"What?" James usually the image of patience, after Maynard. James was abut to snap at Jeordie. Jeordie held out his had, holding the most beautiful thing James had ever seen in his life."COFFEE!"

The rest of the bands ears perked up. "I gotta enough for all of ya." Jeordie smiled as he passed out the cups. "Nard. . .I got something for you. . ." Maynard sat up and looked at Jeordie skeptically, he handed him a cup of tea., he was smiling,

"You look like the Cheshire cat.. . ." Josh noticed

" What did you buy. . . ?" Maynard said, looking at Jeordie who was hiding something behind his back .. .


"Nothin' my ass!" Maynard said grabbing Jeordie's shoulder. Pulling him in to the car, grabbing the bag from behind him.

"NO! Don't You Dare Touch Brian!"


"He's mine!"Jeordie said stealing the bag. "'s alright Brian I love even if Maynard thinks your dumb. I lovel you!"

Maynard looked confused. "Brian?"

"Brian Warner! He's my new duck but you see I still need puck. . . or Manson will get lonely."

". . . ."

"Maynard. .." James looked at Maynard "Calm down. . . "

". . . ."

"Jeordie didn't mean it." Billy said trying like hell to stay between Maynard and Jeordie and the stuffed two foot long duck. Maynard was staring Jeordie down who was now amusing himself by blowing bubbles with his spit.

". . . ."

"I mean Maynard. . ." James tried but Maynard put a finger to his mouth.

Josh smiled and looked at Maynard. . . then at Billy"He wants me to say it so he has reason doesn't he" Josh said, and if this were an anime. . . a sweat drop would appear on Josh's forehead.

"Yeah. . ."

"I mean Its no secret that Twiggy and Manson fucked and it fits he should have a duck so he could pretend he was sleeping with Brian still. . ." Maynard advanced "Maynard. .don't rip up the duck Jeordie will cry, and we will never hear the end of it" Josh said quickly. Maynard stopped. And drank his tea breathing deeply.

Jeordie settled down in the set looking at Maynard with a smile as they started driving.

"Nard your all smart and junk. . can I ask you a question"

". . . . what?"Maynard growled.

"Why are beavers so angry. . .?"

"What do you mean?"

"Beavers they always damn everything. Lakes, rives, streams. . . what did water ever do to them I mean–" Maynard groaned. "Maybe the beavers are mad at us, they know we need the water so they dammit, and we are all like 'Nooo!' and the beavers are over there going 'BUMUHAHAHAHAHA!" and we start crying and—"