Psychiatrists: Hidden evils

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We are here in the great usa where freedom rules and liveing well can happen for anyone but sometimes evils are hidden and not really talked about. who is this evil? Psychiatrists. the evil doctors sure, many think they are good and dont hurt anyone this is not true i mean after all prozac is harmful i listed some of the side effects in fda are they harmful it was a peice about the fda's drugs and it has quite alot of truth to it well anyways how can shocking someone heal them or feeding them drugs like prozac well the truth is none of this stuff works at all sure sometimes your kid may calm down but the truth is why is your kid quiet oh i know because the prozac is killing his brain! and shuting down his growing juices the kid grows up to be like a ten year old when your 40! or 30! or 20! or even 16 you act like your ten! there are more things about these so called doctors then meets the eye ever hear about the columbine shooting where the two teens killed and hurt many students what did the people blame first guns! well let me see here if i had a gun i would go hunting with it or maybe shoot a robber in my house i would not go and shoot hopeless teens in a rage everyone blames guns they are full of shit guns are not what made the teens murder the students at this school but no one ever talks about how the two teens where takeing psychiatrist drugs before the murders no one ever talks about that i guess it's time for me to speak! if those two teens had no drugs in there bodys i dont think they would murder and hurt others i think they would maybe shoot themselfs before hand and what happend after this the two teens killed themselfs maybe if the drugs where no where in there bodys they would not have done these sick things at columbine high sure we know of people who where just sick and did not have any of those drugs like manson,and ed gein,ted bundy,and others look at it this way ted did not kill all of those girls with a gun he used pipes flashlights and other objects or manson whos people mostly used knifes and ropes if you ban guns the murders will use knifes if you ban knifes they will use bats if you ban bats they will use rope and they have! plus alot of other items for murder heck even poison! if we had no pipes no water to our homes no flashlights no way of seeing well at night no bats no baseball! banning is wrong with these items but heck i heard some people build a gun in there flashlight! so they can make guns in flashlights and other items well what should we do ban everything! that is stupid jeez i could go on here! so look at what no one seeks and look for the hidden evil and go to him or her and ask them has any drugs you gave me cured me? am i happier? or am i worst ask him or her is there a millionaire who takes these drugs and never killed himself or murdered his family i learned in canada the muders are very very low sure many say it's because few guns thats bullshit it's low because have you ever seen a psychiatrist? have you talked to one have you took these drugs and you live in peace NO! you dont it must because psychiatrists are few in canada! go on and check out how many are here and how many are there i bet there are over 50 million psychiatrists in the usa and less then ten in canada! go on look at it prove me wrong i bet you cant so nextime someone kills with a gun ask if he used psychiatrist drugs before the murder was he normal before or what and nextime you see one the psychiatrists are murders in the shadows and you learn that guns are fine but psychiatrists are wrong! plus the average psychiatrist kills themself at 50 or 60 years old! plus in the asylums most of the workers are crimmals they are rapist! murders! kidnappers!,sick people! so next time tell you psychiatrists to fuck off and get away because they are the hidden evil in this world!