Before I know it,I find myself from totally different place I last I am,standing in Her luxuary hotel am I doing here alone?All what happened before seems like a big black hole.I don't recall anything and I even don't want my thoughts are racing around this room.I am I should leave,before She gets here.
Where is She anyway?My question gets answered before I know bathroom door is being opened and there She is,standing in the doorway.I'm 's wearing the clothes I last street clothes as usual.I'm not so lost ,always confident,smile makes me comfortable."I told you to make yourself at home. You're still standing there." I smile and blush and turn my eyes away.I know why I'm here,but I haven't gotten used to 's still an angel far away,and I'm still the usual girl who worships Her.I don't want to leave,but it seems way too awkward to stay.
"Could you put some music?" I nod,still avoiding her eyes.I know she already sits on the huge bed,waiting for me to takes me ages to get in front of the 's almost buried under random cds without wrapper.I take one in my hand,but I notice it's red and white.I choose another hates her own voice,though I adore room,Her rules.I press play and turn around.
"Come here!" I always do what She tells me time is no exception.I move in front of Her,and let Her wrap Her skinny arms around my pulls me on the bed next to Herself.I feel lost again.A small innocent kiss lands on my cheek and She lets me to roll closer to the small table next to the bed and put the photo frame is a picture of Her and Her co-worker in that does it everytime She has been with 's never told me why,but I have a feeling what's the picture seems to be the dearest to carrys it everywhere,just like She does with me.
She comes back next to me and softly brushes my hair with her indescribably softly.I know what will happen takes Her shirt off,and of course She's not wearing a 't go with Her thoughts are still stuck on the idea of She wearing a bra,so before I notice it,She's only wearing her black panties and undressing me.I'm not even trying to hide it turns me goes my shirt and everything is gone,she wraps her arms around me again.
Now the kisses ain't so innocent at body temperature is turning burning 're both covered with 's so close to me,that I can literally feel every inch of Her much for me,my brain stops hands move mechanically,caressing Her likes all,She trained me.I truly want to give Her love,but it never works.
"What's wrong?" She stops kissing and stares at me.I know She hates it,but still I turn my face lets me go and starts drawing imaginary circles on my 's a sad expression on Her makes me want to cry every time I see it. "Why didn't you tell me,you don't wanna?" I hold the silence till it gets almost only takes one second. "I want to!I do,Julie." My voice was didn't sound belivable even if it was the truth.
"C'mon." She wraps our bodies in the white doesn't deserve the name blanket,cause it's only a that's because we're in Spain. "I do care about you,don't doubt in ." She takes me into Her warm hug and holds I think - This is lie there god knows how silence isn't awkward anymore.I hope this moment never ends,but none of my wishes haven't ever come Julia.
The bedroom door flies open and is being closed just as rough.I tear the sheet to cover my body as much as isn't even startled Her a bit and She looks up ,who came,She lies back down as if nothing had 's Her co-worker same who's on that picture. "Helllo!" She lets her bag fall on the floor carelessly and sits on the small couch.
There's something weird about her.I watch her walking and then I realize 's probably doesn't understand it only asks: "How was your day?" And Lena answers cheerfully: "Ohh,fabulous!I totally pissed Andrey off,and later Sergey took me boozing.I even saw Pasha at the bar!. Could you belive it." She plays with her red hair,making them even more laughs and seems satisfied with this glance stays on us,and suddenly her happiness is gone.
"Christ,Julia!What the hell are you thinking?Grow up!She's fucking fifteen. What if the press,and. Oh." I lower my 's talking about me.I am is not where I should I take my clothes and walk out to never return,or would I jump out of the window to never is my much as I'd like to move,Julias hands stop me with the most softest puts Her arm around me to back Her words: "I can't leave her, can't." On that moment,She has an incredible resemblance to a kid,whos begging her parents to keep the found dog.
Lenas displease is fastly growing into likes to control that,everybody should do what she tells is a disturbing takes the cd-player into her hands and throws it against the wall. "I hate the one who put this song playing!I hate you two! " She runs out of the room,leaving us back into the awkward Julia says:".She doesn't hate this song really." She's not good in now I seem to like the window-variant more than anything else.
Tears are fiercely trying to get out of my eyes.I turn my back to Julia,to get some sleep.I'm so tired.