I wake up as if nothing had I'm brought back to reality by the cold bathroom floor and Julias hysterical 's repeating my name endlessly,and at first I don't understand I feel slight pain in my 's too pain caused by a that moment I want to saw Her name on my She just thinks I'm a screams get deep in my headache is gone,but only to be replaced by dizziness.
"Tanya!Tanya!Do you hear me?. Oh my god!" I grab from Her arm,just to shut Her mouth,but She probably thought I was begging for help or turns even more panic.I shake my head as well as I'm able to and try to calm Her down: "No,no. I'm okay,calm down. Shhh." She almost manages to stop.
I sit up and try to embrace sit like this for a could ever imagine - Julia Volkova on the bathroom door 's holding me a bit too hard. "Oh,christ. You scared me to did you do this?Talk to me." I tear myself away from Her grip.
".It.. It was an accident." I'm digging my own 's the worst apology soon as She hears it,She stands up,looking like I had just hurt Her feelings. "Yeah,right!An accident with my name on it!" I don't know what to 's obvious that I hurt myself wounds are speaking for me.
She sighs and gently pulls me up. "I'll take you to the first-aid station.C'mon." We walk through Her bedroom and the living is laying on the couch,staring at the 's not even looking towards us.
"When will you be back?" Julia almost carries me a single glance She says: "I'll talk to you later!" It makes me feel even must have had a could I be so selfish to cut at the same time?I'm only making them more troubles.
I wish I'd be slide down on my cheeks and Julia doesn't say anything.I know,She doesn't like Her life would be easier without sure would.I wish I had never even heard Her voice.I wish it so badly.