Chapter One: Fred

I don't really know where she came from; I just found her sitting there among the flowers and tall grass under the cool shade of a tree. Her legs were wrapped up in each other and she was bending over playing with a little green tree frog. My feet stopped moving, my eyes only focused on her, I looked at every inch of her memorizing everything. SO if I were to see her again I would know it was the same girl in the same white dress. Her curly blonde hair down to her shoulders gleamed in the half sunlight, face fragile and unique. A light seemed to flow around her.

We were only nine, and I couldn't understand what I was feeling for her, all I knew was I wanted to get to know her, to get closer. By then she had noticed me and was starring at me, maybe not in the same way but still with interest.

"Hi" her first spoken words to me.

"Hello" I said starring at the ground.

"Want to play with the frogs with me?" I nodded my head yes and sat next to her.

She picked up the smallest frog and handed it to me. "Don't worry he doesn't bite, his names Fred!" I reached out my hand to pet Fred, when my finger touched his slimy exterior I backed away, but moved in again. She lightly placed Fred on the ground in front of me.

"W-w-where did you come from, never seen you before?" A hand still placed on the frog, looking up into her eyes.

"I just moved into that house over there," she pointed to the house just over the garden, the house that I just happened to live in. "My parents and the people who lived there are old friends, I guess my parents just missed them or something, they never gave me a real answer why. All they said was that we had to move in with them and we couldn't take any of our old stuff with us."

"Oh, well I live there too maybe we could be friends?" I scooped Fred up into my hands and placed him in my lap.

"I'd like that, you could help me take care of him!" she said smiling looking into my lap, "My names Mabel what's yours?"

"Skylar, but u can call me sky!" I said, giving her Fred. "I think he likes you better." she took him from me, brought his face up to hers and kissed him.

"Do you want to go back inside, its starting to get cold?" she took the glass jar that had been hidden behind her and put Fred in it. Closing the lid tightly she got up and put her hand out to help me up. I looked at her hand for a while, not sure if I should take it, but I did and we walked home. On our way home we picked up some leaves and grass and twigs for Fred's new home.

Over the past few weeks, we spent almost everyday together, going to our spot and playing with Fred. We were both home schooled together, and unfortunately had to go to church together too. Our families were strict Catholics, and we never really got a break from the word of god. When we did we always went out and played, coming home with our knees scrapped and dresses stained with grass.

One day I went to go look for Mabel in her room, but she wasn't there. In fact I looked everywhere for her. The kitchen, the dining room, even where our parents go to pray. I went back into her room, and looked in Fred's cage; but he was missing. There was only one more place she could be. I jumped up off her bed, ran down the stairs and out the doors. I tried not to step on any flowers on my way to our place, and then there she was.

Her face was bent down, I could tell she was holding something. I moved closer to her in very small steps, on one step of my foot a twig snapped and she had caught me. She had looked up at me her face was red, eyes were swollen, cheeks streaked with dried tears. My heart sank to see her cry; I kneeled beside her and placed my hand on her back.

"Mabel, what's wrong?" Looking into her hands I finally saw what she was holding.

"It's Fred, he-hes dead. I woke up this morning and I went to go see how he was doing but he didn't move from his sleep when I tapped on the glass. He just laid there, I didn't know what to do so I just came here." I didn't know what to say, what was I suppose to say in a situation like this? I sat down close beside her and put my arm around, just holding her letting her know, without a sound that I was always going to be here.

"We can have a funeral for him if you like, just you and me?" I said, she sniffled and looked up at me whipping her nose.

"That would be good." So her and I created a little coffin out of tree leaves and grass dug a hole in the moist drip. We lowered our beloved pet Fred into the ground, and said a few words. We would never forget Fred; he was the one who brought us together the one who kept us together. From that day on I knew I was here for one thing, to protect and love Mabel forever. I never wanted to leave her side.