You want to know what I think? I think you're neglecting me and you have been taking me for granted longer than I can remember. I think that this "friendship" thing we have is completely one way and the only reason we even talk today is because of me. I call you a friend but I can see how much I mean to you.

So no more.

You do as she says because you're so afraid of being alone. Haven't you realized that you've been alone all along? Your fear is only pinning you down and it has blindfolded you to the point where I'm not even sure if I can get you back. I'm not even sure you're worth it.

I have been trying to come in and share your problems, your worries because I cared. I did everything I could while you pretended to listen but you would turn your back and force me out. All I can say is that I've tried.

Which is way more than you can say. If you ask about a problem, it's out of curiosity. You never try to help me, you're never even there for me. There is so much about me that you'll never know because you never took the time to be a friend. You're too wrapped up in your own problems and feeling sorry for yourself to ever open up and consider helping anyone but yourself. You're self-centered and cold and I am sick of trying so hard to get so much as an answer from you.

Maybe you've been telling me to fuck off and stop prying for a long time and I never listened. But the only thing I tried to do was be there for you and you never returned the favor. I wish someone cared about me the way I cared about you but I can see it obviously hasn't happened. Well fuck you. You think I'm going to let you take me for granted? There's no way I'll just sit back and let you treat me like shit.

So the only thing left to say is that I'm sorry for caring. I'll stop. I mean I know we had something last year, when you listened and there was a part of you that was still alive. I've lost you now, I've lost you to her and it's hurting me more than you'll ever know. I can see that you're gone now so this is where I let go.

All this time you've barely noticed the things that change while I grow up. You've pushed me away for the last time. So thank you for making me invisible. This time I'll stay away I promise.