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If something is italicized and has ~*~*~*~ before it then it's a memory.

To the Easily Amused:

My Pain is Your Comfort

I don't remember. I can't recall how long it has been since he left me; but it feels like forever and a day. I'm tired of waiting. Did I deserve this? Is this some kind of karma? Have I done anything heinous lately? I think…I think I give up. It's so easy to say that you've given up. It's so easy to pretend anything is possible; that you can't see what's important anymore.

I don't want to wait for three more years.

I don't want to wait anymore.

The sheets barely cover her pale body. The wind won't stop blowing. Flopping over in her bed, she realized that she might just be alone for the rest of her life. She's left the TV on. The pastel light flickers against the walls and on her face. She stares blankly at it while a woman tells her how important it is that she buy this contraption that sculpts your butt and thighs.

She almost doesn't care anymore.


She lays there, calm and collected.

Quiet and tranquil.


But sore. Sore with a deep pain that's embedded in her chest, and will forever remain there until the day she dies.

All of the melodramatic shit she's going through just won't leave her alone. That's all she wants. Okay so that's not entirely true, but there is no one that will convince her otherwise.

With a click, the TV light disappears and she is hugged with darkness, nothing but darkness.

Will she ever see him again? Will she ever make him feel the sort of pain that she's going through without him? Only time can tell.

You obviously know it's soon. Don't be so foolish, this is just like every story you've read before. But is it?

Don't be so certain, she reminds her imaginary audience, a lot can happen in a short amount of time…

"Still waiting?" asks Faye.

"Yeah," she softly says.

"Well don't!" Faye harshly spits out, then as an after note in a tender voice, says, "Mai, he's not worth it anymore. It's time to move on…"

Mai solemnly nods and slowly moves away from the window.

"Are you going to work today?" Mai asks Faye.

She nods and says, "Well aren't you?"

Mai hesitantly shakes her head and says, "I'm not feeling to great today."

Faye sighs and shakes her head; "You weren't feeling great yesterday or the day before that or the day before that! You need to get out, Mai…"

"I know," says Mai, straining her voice, "But it's so hard!" she begins pacing around the room. "I know it's been an eternity and I know he might just never come back, but I can't stop thinking about him!"

"You won't stop thinking about him," Faye reminds her.

Sighing, Mai dips her head low. "I know," she softly repeats for the billionth time, boy does she know.

"I'm serious, Mai, you need to get off your ass and move on!" shouts Faye.

"Don't you think I'm trying?! Don't you think I'm tired of trying?" screams Mai back to Faye. Mai pauses and relaxes her shoulders, "I'm tired of everything…"

Faye heaves a sigh and walks over to Mai and wraps her arms tightly around her.

"I will always be here for you. If you need anything, you know you can come to me right?"

Mai nods and hugs her back.

That's what friends are for, Mai almost forgot.

"Welcome back, Mai," Lacey, the receptionist at the newspaper Mai works at, greets her.

Mai slides her a tight smile and walks to her office- sorry make that corner of the room. It's a tiny little room that was specially closed off, just for her. It was the size of a postage stamp.

"Ah, Miss Mai returns!" says Christy, Mai's editor.

Mai smiles another one of her patent sarcastic smiles that only she and her mind know what they're all about.

"So, you ready for an assignment?" asks Christy.

"Sure," says Mai, like she had a choice, haha!

"Fantastic, well I need you to do an interview with a highly praised new author."

"Great," Mai dully responded, almost mimicking Tony the Tiger.

"Okay so you have until tonight at 7ish to get your things ready and meet him at Hill Diner-his choice, not mine."

"What?! Tonight? You've gotta be kidding me!"

"Have fun," taunts Christy and leaves the room.

"Bitch," mutters Mai.

She shook her head bolted like there was no tomorrow towards Christy's office.

"Oh Christy's not in," says Lacey as Mai tries to barge in.

"She has to be! I just saw her like two seconds ago, where the hell would she have gone?" shouts Mai; ignoring the awkward stares her co-workers are shooting her.

"Well she just left for a break," supplies Lacey in a soft voice.

"That bitch has so many damn breaks," murmurs Mai.

"Excuse me?" Lacey asks Mai.

"Nothing, did she leave anything for me."

Lacey looks around her desk and says, "Why yes she did," and hands Mai a thin folder complete with questions and little facts about him, all except his name.

Fucking genius, thought Mai about Christy.

"Thank you," Mai bleakly says and walks away.

Lacey looked after her and raised her eyebrows and puckered her lips.

"Ca-razy," hummed Lacey as she went back to doing nothing.

After Mai had everything she needed and finished some side work, she went back home. She had about 5 hours left so she decided that she should take a nap. Mai fell asleep on the couch with this man's folder lying on her stomach.

She giggled. Again and again and again.

"Stop it, Jack!" Mai screeched as he chased her down his apartment hallway.

"Oh come on, tell me you're not having fun," he told her.

She turned to face him, a foot away from his apartment door and smiled. "I'm not having fun!" she simply says.

Jack chuckles and bends closer towards her, "Did anyone every tell you you're a bad liar?"

Mai put her finger to her chin and looked thoughtful, "Why yes! I believe you've told me numerous times!"

Jack and Mai burst out laughing.

"Well I'm telling you again," he told her in a husky voice, "You're a bad liar."

Jack bends closer to her and she backs up against his door, hands aching to hold him. he tilts her chin up to him and smiles. She smells like vanilla and he's burning to taste her.

He takes too long, thought Mai.

So she swooped in and kissed him herself. He smiled against the kiss and he pulled back.

"Eager are we?" Jack asked her.

"You have no idea!" she replies, her voice low and full of lust. She turns the knob on his door and pulls him by the hem of his shirt into the apartment.

Mai woke up and groaned. He will never leave her mind.

He is always there.

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