Raveena backed up into the row of lockers as she fearfully regarded the group that surrounded her.

The group consisted of the popular kids namely, Dana Michaels, Carla Simms, Linda Ross, Dorothy Kidd, Ben Carlton, Timothy Sands and Clark Henderson. But for Raveena they were terrors.

"You should be careful you know," Ben said casually, "or someone might get hurt."

"I – I'm sorry," she stammered her heart hammering in her chest, "I didn't see..."

This could not be good.

The truth was that Timothy had gone out of his way to crash into her. but she knew better than to point that out.

"Hmm...," said Dana mock thoughtfully, "I wonder why?" she said referring to her thick glasses.

"Oh! Dana," said Linda in a high pitched voice, "the poor thing is so fat that she can't avoid anyone!"

Their cruel laughter rung in her ears tauntingly as Raveena felt tears form in her eyes.

"Oh look she's going to cry!" mocked Clark.

"Poor baby," simpered Clara, "need a Kleenex?"

Suddenly Raveena's binder was jerked from her hands.

"Come and get it!" Timothy said.

"Please," Raveena pleaded, "give it back!"

She grunted in pain as her body was slammed back into the lockers.

"Who are you to tell us what to do?!"

"Look at that hair Linda!"

"Ugh! Can you even call that a haircut?"

Tears blurred her poor vision as Raveena blindly groped for her binder, the next thing she knew her face painfully contacted the floor.

"Really a klutz aren't you?"

"Eww... what are you wearing?"

Something hit her arm and she realized that it was her binder, grabbing it she gripped her bag and ran to the girls' bathroom.

"That's it! Run, fatty, run!"

"Don't show that ugly face of your's again!"

Sobbing she flung open the door of the bahroom and rushed inside.

It was mercifully empty.

"Why me?" she sobbed, "why me?"

After taking a deep breath in order to control herself she splashed water onto her face. Looking up she grimaced at her reflection.

An overweight twelve year old girl stared back at her with a mop of short black hair and a medium dark complexion which was a result of her mixed parentage. Her father was an Indian. Currently she looked even more of a lost cause than usual as her face was a bit red and blotched from crying.

Her only asset were her eyes. They were a brilliant forest green colour with a hint of grey and gold flecks around the iris.

But thanks to her brown contacts no one ever saw them.

An the worst of it was that she had braces. What are the chances that someone can look even remotely pretty with a mouthful of metal?

Sighing she walked out of the bathroom only to bump into someone standing outside.

Raveena looked up and groaned.

"Not you!"

Ethan Carmichael was her only rival. They often had friendly banter going on but Ethan never ever insulted her, not the way the others did in an odd sense you could even say they were friends. Brown haired and blue eyed he had potential to be popular but Raveena could see he was more the goth type.

"They did it again didn't they?"

"Why do you even care?" said Raveena. She sighed. "Look if you're here to tell me what a loser I am for letting them get to me, then I'm not interested in hearing it cause I already know what you're going to say."

"Hey," said Ethan, "you're not loser."

"And... what?" Raveena asked her head jerking up to meet his eyes.

She stared incredulously at Ethan as he shifted uncomfortably.

"I – uh just wanted to see if you were alright," he said hesitantly reaching out to check the bruise that was forming on her left temple from being slammed into the locker. She jerked away from her touch and he dropped his hand, a flush climbing up his cheeks.

Raveena felt her own face heat up.

"It looks bad," he said, "you should put some ice on that."

"Are you high or something?" Raveena asked giving him an odd look, " besidesI can take care of it myself. I don't need you're advice!"

"I was just trying to help."

"Again I ask," she said trying to rectify the awkward moment, "why do you care?"

"Where's the competition if you're out of action?" Ethan drawled returning to his former self, " I need somone I can lord over."

Raveena rolled her eyes, "You donot lord over me Carmichael."

"Whatever, I'm gonna kick your ass in the Science test next week."

"Dream on."

"Get ready to bow to me."

"As if."

"You're just jealous that I'm smarter than you."

"You're so full of youself that you can't even appreciated my superior intelligence."

"Superior? Are you on drugs?"

"Hey!" turning around they saw a blonde girl walking briskly towards them.

"Hey Sarah."

"I saw what happened," Sarah said angrily, "but Mrs. Finnes saw me and was oh so eager to talk to me about the project."

"That's okay," Raveena said, "there's nothing much you could have done anyway."

"I'm sorry."

Just as Ethan opened his mouth to say something a teacher came hurrying up to them.

"Who is Raveena Khanna?"

"I am," Raveena said.

"Go to the principal's office immediately."

Raveena looked quizzically at the principal who looked rather grave.

"Raveena," he began, "I just received a call that informed me that an hour ago an accident occurred on the highway." He paused waiting for that bit to sink in.

Raveena's eyes slowly widened at the possibility of what the man was implying.

"I'm sorry to inform you that you're parents were involved in it and..."

"What happened to them?" Raveena burst out, "are they alright?"

The big man sighed.

"Raveena... I'm sorry I ... Raveena? Raveena!"

That was the last thing she heard before her world went black.

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